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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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List of things to Pack for your Trip to Chennai – Vibrant Hub of South India

Chennai is the commercial capital and economic centre of South India. A vibrant city with much to offer; Chennai is also a tropical location. Here's what you should pack to take along for a comfortable holiday.


Pack for Hot Humid Weather

Chennai can be very hot and humid and if you plan on exploring the city it is best to dress comfortably. Pack plenty of cotton clothes. Lightweight pants are recommended as these will not weigh you down when soaked in sweat. T-shirts and cotton blouses or short sleeved shirts work best in the hot weather. They should be light coloured so as not to absorb too much heat.


Take Along Plenty of Head Gear

Again being out in the sun means you need proper protection. Take along a good selection of scarves and soft floppy hats or caps. Walking about under a hot sun all day can be quite comfortable if your head is not properly covered. You could consider packing a good umbrella or buy a cheap one in Chennai. An umbrella that folds up may prove to be quite useful during sudden showers that are more common during the monsoon season. A good pair of sunglasses too is essential as a means of beating the heat and staying cool.


Sun Screen and Insect Repellent

Sunscreen is an absolute must when travelling in tropical destinations. Buy your favourite brand and take along enough to last the trip. Preferably a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 and above would be ideal. Insect repellent too is a must. Mosquitoes and flies will be rampant in some parts. Hey, it's the tropics and its India so be prepared. On arrival, Chennai airport hotels will seem chic cool and comfortable but once you start touring the region there will be districts that require a spray of insect repellent now and then.


Shoes Must Be Sensible

Do pack a few good pairs of sandals and flip flops. Closed shoes will prove to be extremely hot and may burn your feet due to hot weather. A pair of flip flops too will be quite comfortable for navigating your way around the busy streets. Remember the idea is to stay as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy the best of this exotic location.


Pack the Essentials

The Chennai city centre, home to Turyaa Chennai will have shops that sell all manner of toiletries; both local and international brands. However, if you do have allergies and require hypoallergenic products it is best to pack your trusted brand. India as an emerging cosmopolitan hub will certainly have a good choice of top international brands but on the off chance your required brand is not available, it's wise to take along a brand your skin is used to.


Pack the Touristy Essentials

The touristy essentials, in this case, are a backpack, camera, video cam and a decent swimsuit. Do keep in mind that Chennai is still quite conservative and outside of your Chennai resort it would be best to dress rather modestly.