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New Christian Zionism: A Review

For decades, it seemed that there were only two basic options in the Church when it came to discussions of Israel. The first, dispensationalism, objectifies the idea of Israel both now and in the future, and requires elaborate charts and the entire fictional Left Behind canon to unpack. The second, supercessionism, says that the Church has replaced Israel. The first two-thirds of the Bible, the Old Testament, becomes nothing more than a long preamble to the “real” salvation story, and the promises God gave to the Chosen People now belong to Christians. Supercessionism spiritualizes the promises regarding the land of Israel. New Perspective theologians like NT Wright express a softened version of supercessionism when it comes to the land promises.

Angels Abounding

Here’s a list of some angel appearances that remind us that God is present with us even when we do not know. I want to put my conviction about the constant presence of angels into a contorted sentence: the exceptions to God’s absence in the many appearances of angels are a reminder of God’s presence when the angels appear to be absent! I hope this makes as much sense to you as it does to me: God is present and we dare not let the absence of angels in our own personal life make us think God is absent.