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Pickards Automotive

Car Service Centre at Pickards Automotive

Pickards Automotive specialize auto service and motor vehicle repairs for British and European auto. From the most up to date models to classics, our team of highly trained and award winning specialists offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to all our customers. Services available for Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen, Rover and Peugeot. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more info.

Audi Service Center in Melbourne

Pickards Automotive offers Audi Service for Melbourne car owners. Our specialists utilize the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your Audi. Pickards follow the manufacturer servicing specifications therefore maintaining new automotive warranty while considering extra parts, more suited to Australian conditions. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

VW Service Expert in Melbourne

To guarantee the best and most exact experience our specialists use the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your Volkswagen. Our Volkswagen service solutions keep Melbourne motorists safe on the roads. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

European Car Service and Mechanic in Richmond

Are you looking for a team of skilled and expert auto technicians and mechanics to service your car? Pickards Automotive's Car Mechanics give quality European Car Service in Richmond. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

Best Car Service in Fitzroy

Our team of mechanics and precise specialists can identify and repair malfunctioning components of your vehicle’s mechanical systems and ensure that they are totally repaired. Thanks to our complete and tailored car service Fitzroy car owners can turn to Pickards Automotive to keep their vehicles operating at the highest level of quality possible. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

Trusted Car Mechanic in Collingwood

For years the dedicated and completely qualified team of auto mechanics and professionals at Pickards Automotive have conveyed exceptional and comprehensive maintenance solutions to motorists across Melbourne and beyond. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

Land and Range Rover Service Melbourne

Pickards Automotive professionals use the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your Land Rover/Range Rover. Pickards follow the manufacturer servicing particulars thus maintaining new auto warranty while considering extra elements, more suited to Australian conditions. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

Reputable Peugeot Service Centre Melbourne

Pickards Automotive services the full scope of Peugeot vehicles. Our specialists utilize the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your Peugeot. Thanks to our fully-stocked and reputable Peugeot Service Centre Melbourne motorists and beyond can trust us to repair and keep up all makes and models of Peugeot vehicle. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

Get the Best Car Mechanic Near You

A long to-do list comes with each car you purchase. Among all the necessary tasks, finding the best car mechanic is one such tiring job. There are several things that one must look out while finding a good car mechanic.

Reliable VW Service Centers

This is one of the best ways to kick start the process of finding a suitable VW service center. It should be ideally something that is near your home or workplace for the sake of easier accessibility.

Find a Good Professional Car Mechanic

Normally, on showing the car to a professional car mechanic you will be given an estimated budget. This will help you to plan the repair financially. The most important thing that bothers car owners is the safety and wellbeing of the vehicle.

Finding the Best Audi Service Station

The Audi car owners do have the facility of getting their car serviced and repaired at the authorized Audi service station. However, the free service sessions come in limited numbers, and once they are no more available, you are left with two options.

Finding the Best Car Mechanic

In order to get the best car mechanic, you must get in touch with a garage who deals with various types of car models, but if you have any luxury car then you must hire the factory trained mechanic only.

Finding the Best Car Mechanic

The best mechanics equip themselves with an in-depth knowledge of various car parts, which they obtain through proper training. There are many car manufacturers who provide certification to independent car mechanics.

Best VW Service And Maintenance

If you found any VW Service location where you can find everything in one place, then the second thing to search would be satisfactory customer service and handling. You must see the customer service before making your final decision of handing over your Volkswagen for service or maintenance.

Quality Volvo Service Centre Melbourne

Pickards services the full scope of Volvo vehicles. For finish peace of mind and amazing mechanical services ?Pickards Automotive have built up a fully-stocked Volvo service centre for Melbourne Volvo owners to take advantage of. Our professionals utilize the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair your Volvo. Call us on (03) 9428 9655 for more information.

Best Car Mechanic

The best car mechanic will pay extra attention to your tire and it’s pressure during regular servicing. Underinflating your tires can lead to dangerous accidents, whereas over inflating them can affect the fuel efficiency of your car.

Car Service Specialists

Only car service specialists in these authorized service centers are trained in repair of some of the parts. Such measures are taken to ensure that the brand is repaired in the most professional way and help retain the no frills image of that particular brand.

know about VW Service

A car is the most precious asset for every owner and therefore it is necessary to take it to the service center occasionally. And when it comes to servicing Volkswagen, you just cannot rely on anyone but a VW service professional.

Car Service Specialist

The neighborhood repair shop may be as good as the brand servicing center. But the expertise of a car service specialist determines the successful outcome.

Find a Great Car Mechanic

The best car mechanic can be found if you are willing to do a little digging around on your own as well. It is suggested to check the certificate, license, experience and customer reviews of the car mechanic before hiring.

Offering Audi Service Is the One to Prefer

The Audi is preferred by quite a few car cognoscente over the BMW and the Mercedes for good reasons. Quality Audi service ensures top fuel efficiency. If you use questionable parts and service, it affects fuel efficiency. What you save on parts is made up by increased fuel consumption.

Best VW Service

Volkswagen is known to be the best vw service provider as they always provide genuine parts of the machine of your car. The service centers have the best vw service with the help of excellent technical employees and engineers trained by Volkswagen and certified by them.

Important Car Service Benefits

One of the crucial car service benefits includes saving your money. In case if you fail to get your car serviced regularly, it can cause you high expenditure in case of any part failure.

Choose the Trusted VW Service

A local service center can provide you third party insurance and warranty, but you need to pay additional amounts for this facility. A trusted VW service center can save your cost in this regard.