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10 Most Innovative Digital Signage Use Cases, Ever

Everyday we come across numerous digital signage displays and billboards. They are everywhere, from airports and malls to offices and restaurants. However, from time to time advertising and activation agencies do something that goes beyond the routine. Here is a compilation top 10 most innovative digital signage use cases, ever

Credencys to build IoT solutions with IBM Watson IoT

The recently concluded ‘Hackathon’ marks a new beginning for Credencys as the company joins hands with IBM Watson IoT. During the event, developers got an opportunity to use the cognitive platform for creating some unique POCs and get used to IBM’s tools, APIs and frameworks.

Businesses scrambling to avoid disruption

Aligning your organization’s future strategy with these trends will help you stay strong amidst disruption.


A mobile solution for connecting cab drivers and passengers

A mobile solution for connecting cab drivers and passengers

Making use of GPS and location tracking based mobile applications has become an imperative for businesses associated with transportation.
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Mobile App Development Trends for 2017 & Beyond

There is a need to gauge the evolving mobile App development trends in the industry. As per the data coming in, most of the growth in smartphone sales is projected to arise from emerging markets like India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia and Japan. As there is an apparent shift in the market, it is likely that most of the smartphone vendors would have to take into account the unique regional demands in Asia. Read more to know what can drive the demand for applications in these regions.

Banks can Bank on IoT for Higher Efficiency

IoT can bring in significant cost savings in management and operations of ATMs. It is often seen that ACs are either not working or are cooling too much. These malfunctioning ACs can be detected via temperature sensors installed at each ATM premises. Further, malfunctioning doors can also be detected by sensors.

India logistic industry to see a rebound by tech-startups in 2017

After an unimpressive run in 2016, a rebound is expected this year as tech-driven truck aggregators will make the most of GST, PE/VC investments and increased impetus on digital transformation.

Technology is Taking the Driver’s Seat in India's Industry

Trucking and logistics space in India is attracting new entrants operating on truck aggregation and marketplace models. Technology is helping them create differentiation and offer better efficiency and management capabilities.




Hotify is different from other news aggregators and curators, as it’s conceived as a solution which leverages Machine Learning & AI, to understand what a user might be interested in reading.


Cox & King

Cox & King

Credencys worked on the requirements laid down by Cox & Kings to create a mobile App that enhances daily customer engagement as well as strengthens the business profitability.

These 5 tech-trends are transforming the way content is created and consumed

It is clear that the trends in content creation and distribution are changing rapidly with mobile still being central to all developments. Brands need higher agility to stay on top of these trends and make most of the opportunities in the digital space.

7 facts for banks to invest in a digital signage solution

With a majority of retail banking tasks being shifted to online space, brick-and-mortar experience has to be different from what it used to be a decade ago. In the age of consumerism everyone is glued to some form of screen. Digital signage provides an opportunity to banks to create a familiar experience for their screen-obsessed customers.