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Cleaning Services Dubai


How cleaning companies in Dubai help you

How cleaning companies in Dubai help you

The best cleaning companies will not only give you the perfect home or office space that you have visualised in your dreams but will essentially free your time so that you can do all the things that you have wanted to do but never could because you were pre-occupied with cleaning your home or office space. Cleaning companies in Dubai do not discriminate and since there are a lot of them, you do not have to go into deep research to find some, as they all will compete for your attention to be gained.
Cleaning companies in Dubai are composed of maids and expert cleaners who’ve had experience in performing this job and have had training in all the methods and techniques that go into cleaning. If you were to go about doing the cleaning yourself, it would be hard for you to accomplish the perfect that these cleaning companies in Dubai would be able to achieve because you lack the training and the experience that will make the cleaning possible. Instead, if you were to give the job to these maids in Dubai, you’ll witness a perfect cleaning transpiring before you.

These cleaning companies in Dubai will have their own cleaning equipment and other materials along with them, and although you might have to pay an extra amount, you need not worry about accumulating all the cleaning materials that are required for them in your home or your office before they arrive. These cleaning companies in Dubai only hire the most proficient of maids who have been trained to utilise this equipment and any equipment that is related to cleaning. Thus, you should probably get them to carry the equipment with themselves as well so that you’ll be able to be completely free.

Cleaning companies in Dubai also help you save money because if you were to hire separate janitors or do the cleaning for yourself, you are going to find a hefty price to pay for all the equipment and the things that are going to happen. The cleaning that will be done by you might not really work at all, and you may have to go for another round of cleaning just so that you can erase the side effects of your first cleaning. In such a situation, you would find your wallets beginning to empty. This is why you should not go for self-made cleaning; instead what you should attempt is to get cleaning companies in Dubai who are willing to customise their cleaning according to your wishes.

Since these cleaning companies in Dubai are always competing against one another, you will get a lot of varying prices to choose from and some of them will have certain offers if you were avail most of their services as a package. If you were to do that you will be available for getting their many discounts which will have a significant reduction in costs but not a drop of reduction in the quality of the service that they are going to provide.

Of course, some of the cleaning companies in Dubai will not have all the services that you would be looking for each company will be specialising in certain features that they are extremely good at. This can be good as you can hire certain companies for certain cleaning and another for another. But if you were to find the cleaning company that has everything in it, then it is quite useful for you to stick to that company and try and create a good client-business

The best thing about cleaning companies in Dubai is the fact that they are having more than one employee and if there is any problem with any one of the maids there are many more available to replace them. Moreover, these maids who are available in the company are thoroughly vetted maids who have gone through the most rigorous of procedures to become part of the company and hiring these cleaning companies will mean the demand for illegal maids decrease as well.

The best reason for hiring maids in Dubai from cleaning companies in Dubai is the reason that I will repeat again, and that is the fact that they give you a lot of free time for yourself while relieving you of the worry that the house will be unclean when you get back home or to the office since these cleaning companies in Dubai would have done a great job.


How Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning in Dubai will Help You

How Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning in Dubai will Help You

You are probably avoiding cleaning your sofa because of the fact that it is almost impossible to do it, and this has been the rationale that you’ve been using for justifying the long suspension of cleaning that sofa which now is brimming with all kinds of debris and dust. There is a solution, though, and this is to have sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Dubai let the job for you if you think it is too exhausting or time – consuming to do it yourself. The fact is that though it is not really impossible to clean your sofas and upholsteries, and although you would require some effort to get your sofa and upholstery cleaning, you do not have when you have affordable sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Dubai.

There are multiple kinds of sofas and upholstery with different components such as leather, fabric, and microfiber. It is important that not all methods can be equally used for all of the equipment here, and that certain types of techniques can only be used to make the sofa clean and perfect. If you were to go about doing the cleaning of the sofa and upholstery yourself, then it is likely that you’ll find yourself with an even more damaged one. This is why you should hire Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Dubai to help you out because they know what they are doing.

They know what they are doing because they have had the experience of actually having done it numerous times. They are selected by the sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Dubai because they have had shown the attitude and attitude for performing this task and have retained their positions because they have shown improvement in their jobs and increased their skills. They know which methods work and which don’t and have insights into how to adapt to different scenarios that might work during work.

All sofas and upholstery is a repository of everything that is undesirable – such as dust, mite, pieces of food, and everything else that will make seating on it more uncomfortable. No matter what way you try and clean the materials that have been accumulated, you are going to find it very hard to clean the substances.

Moreover, you might not have the equipment to clean these things away as well. Sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Dubai are the experts in handling all the dirt and materials that accumulate for they have the skills as well as the equipment that is needed to eliminate all the dirt.

And it is not just dirt that is going to get accumulated on your sofas and upholsteries; it is very likely that you are going to get all kinds of things such as pet urine, coffee, wine and ketchup, which are all likely to get accumulated on the sofa. These are tough stains which do not get reduced that easily but are instead going to get stuck on until something stronger comes on top of it, and which will be much harder to remove. But give this sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Dubai a call and they will and dispense with these tenacious stains in no time with their efficient methods and quality equipment without ever damaging your sofas.

Sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Dubai are often the best chance for you to finally go and clean that sofa that you’ve been neglecting to clean for a long time. Once these professionals enter you home and begin their process of cleaning, they will most likely do the most professional jobs that could be done on them and once they are finished, your sofa will be looking as good as new.


How to prepare for House Cleaning in Dubai

How to prepare for House Cleaning in Dubai

Of course, it is understandable if you were slightly concerned about the prospect of strangers coming into your home and do the house cleaning in Dubai. This is a natural reaction to having strangers coming into your home, and there are certain things that you can do to quell these fears and let you have peace of maids when these maids in Dubai come to do the house cleaning in Dubai. These actions would make you feel less insecure and let the house cleaning in Dubai proceed without any interference and with a seamless flow so that you’ll get the finest house in Dubai.

One of the first things that you should make sure is that these house cleaners who come around to your home are given the proper instructions on how to go about the cleaning so that the final result of their cleaning will resemble the vision of the house that you had in your mind. You should also give them all the information that they need in the form of notes preferably – such as the codes for locks and alarms– and also give them the keys for wardrobes. This should be done so that house cleaning in Dubai is done without any misunderstanding and thus enabling them to perform their best and tailored to your vision.

There are things you can do that will help the process of cleaning for these maids in Dubai to do the house cleaning in Dubai, and which will also help you remember where important items are once they have done the cleaning. You can yourself pick up all the miscellaneous items that are lying on the floors and the countertops which are easy to pick-up by hand and then have them placed somewhere safe and where you can remember the location for each. This will help you check for the items once the cleaning is done, and it will also ease the cleaning effort of those who came to do the house cleaning in Dubai.

If you had not done this, then it is entirely possible for you to lose certain precious items or important documents and bills which might be mistaken for trash by the maids in Dubai. Though it might seem a little inconvenient for you to do this, it will save a lot of time spent on frantic and hysterics about whether or not the maids have gone away with a piece of antique or property when it was actually moved somewhere else.

You can do some more things to prepare for the house cleaning in Dubai. If there need to be bed sheets which have to be changed then you could have the new linens laid out there on the bed itself and save them the trouble of having to through your personal wardrobe to look for it. It would also be good if you were to tell them what all things are not working or are broken. This will tell them not to handle these things and leave them be, besides also ridding them of the guilt that they were responsible for them being broken in the first place.

If you have a pet in the family, then you should try and have them kept at some other place or in a neighbour’s home who are trustworthy to both you and the pets. There could be a scene or confrontation between your pet and the maids who’ve to do the cleaning, and this would be terrible for your pet and would stop them from performing their home cleaning in Dubai.

And lastly, you should also tell the incoming maids about any allergies that you or your family members might have to certain chemicals. It would be horrible that after a great cleaning effort, you realise that it is impossible for you to inhabit your house because of an allergy to a chemical. This can be done in the same as the first point of this article or you can tell them about such allergies before they arrive for the house cleaning in Dubai.


Why Should You Hire Cleaning Companies in Dubai?

Why Should You Hire Cleaning Companies in Dubai?

Cleaning is something that is often a pleasant work it is quite back-breaking work that often involves tireless hours of work where at the end of the day, you will completely overwhelm. Yet, the chances are, that all of your work will mostly be in vain, as the cleaning will be most likely be not be comprehensive.When you are at your wit’s end to perform the best cleaning, then you should be thinking about hiring cleaning companies in Dubai.

These are professionals who possess the best cleaning skills in Dubai. They know how to clean with purpose and their skills make it possible for them to get to all the nooks and corners that you might’ve ignored in your cleaning.

When you need your house and office to be cleaned professionally, then you need not call anyone else but these cleaning companies in Dubai.

There are several reasons to convince you that these are the people you should hire:

They are professionals

These professionals will help you by dispensing their cleaning techniques in your environment. They are the ultimate cleaners because they possess the expertise and experience. When you need cleaning to happen fast and cleaning to happen pretty efficiently, these professionals will be up to the task and will make it possible for you to have the right environment to be in.

They have insurance and bond

These cleaning companies will be your definite choice because unlike independent maids, who will not be liable if something goes broke or will have you be liable if something goes wrong with them, these cleaning companies in Dubai have maids that are insured and bonded so that is something goes wrong, you are not liable for it and if something breaks, the company will cover.

They have plenty of services

These cleaning companies in Dubai often possess more than just mere cleaning services, as they can very easily double up as nanny services and party caretakers. This versatility of cleaning companies in Dubai makes them very useful for companies and homes that require more than just mere cleaning companies who are there to clean.

They are cost saving

These cleaning companies in Dubai these days are giving their maids to your services at a price of not more than 40 Aed/Hr. These maids in Dubai will facilitate the cleaning at a rapid pace, and what would’ve taken you perhaps days, would be done within a few hour, for their immaculate method ensures that they create the perfect environment.

They will give you free time

This is perhaps the greatest advantage that you can gain from hiring cleaning companies in Dubai as they will spare you from the burden of cleaning your own homes or offices. With the time that you get from these cleaning companies in Dubai coming to your aid for cleaning, you will be able to make time for yourself.


What Is So Good About Maid Services In Dubai?

What Is So Good About Maid Services In Dubai?

You will be compelled to clean when you see the mess lying about your home and then you will need to have it cleaned or you won’t get any peace of mind.

Indeed, but once you try and start cleaning, it will seem like that there is an ocean of mess to go through before you could reach the final point where you can achieve the cleaning.

If you are trying to bring about absolute cleanliness to your place, then you should definitely hire the services of maid services in Dubai.

These maids possess exceptional skill when it comes to cleaning and with their versatility; they will bring about dynamic cleaning to your office or home environment.

These are the things about maid services in Dubai that will impress you:

The maids are top notch.
The maids who are working at maid services in Dubai are the best because they have had training and have refined their skill-set to a crisp so as to facilitate the best services. When you want to create the best environment, you should always try and do it with the best maids in Dubai. With maid services in Dubai, you can get the cleaning done without having to stress about if it will be done properly because with these ladies at the job, it will be perfect.

The maids are versatile
When you are trying to clean, you will recall that you will also need help with other things that you don’t have time for to do by yourself. Indeed, this where maid services in Dubai make it a highlight because these maids are going to get you the best help not only in terms of cleaning but as babysitters, gardeners, caretakers and pet sitters.

They are insured and bonded
These maids in Dubai are insured and bonded. This means that if anything were to happen to these maids then you would not be made liable. On the other, if you were to have anything broken in the course of the cleaning, then you would be able to receive repairs or money. These maid services in Dubai essentially make it safe for both parties to have a good relationship without harm.

They are cost effective
These maid services in Dubai give out their services at usually 40 AED/Hour and won’t charge higher. This means that you can gauge the amount of time that you want these maids in your home or office and the time it would take them to clean the offices and homes. Thereby, you can effectively clean your homes and offices without having to empty your bank.


How To Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Minutes?

How To Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Minutes?

If you wake up in the morning to a messy kitchen it is quite natural for you to be stressed. The kitchen is the area of the house that you would give a lot of work to make it look clean and perfect and you would want to have it looking perfect and not in the messy condition that you would usually find it in. But don’t fret; you can get it done with these cleaning tips that will help you get the kitchen ready in just a matter of minutes – 10 minutes to be exact.

Clear all the food away

When you have food scrapes sticking on the dishes which have been piled up on a heap, you take these food scraps on the surface and dump them onto the garbage bin or inside of the compost bin. The dishes themselves should be just loaded into the dishwasher. If you are having things that need to be washed with hands, such as knives and cutting boards, this is the time to do it.

The Counters Should be Purged

You might have taken a lot of things and laid it on top of the countertops when you were doing your cooking, but this is the time that you purge all of the scraps and leftovers that lay on the counter. You would want to completely declutter the counter-tops. It would also look nice if you were to put everything on the countertops either perpendicular or parallel to the edges, giving the objects a nice symmetry.

Quick Cleaning

Now, this is where you observe the thing that looks the most glaringly out of place in the kitchen and gross. You should not do a complete cleaning but do away with all the obvious things that make your kitchen look messy and unclean. What I am talking about here are those prints from stainless steel and glass objects, stains, splatters, and marks. You can take one cup of white vinegar and one of water to make all the nasty things go away.

The Sink Makes the Kitchen

The sink is like the bed inside the bedroom, if you were to catch the sink looking dirty, then the whole kitchen is dirty. It is a reflection of the whole kitchen. IT is best if you leave the sink cleaning until the end of the cleaning process, because you will be using it during the process, and then you can start cleaning it.


Once all of the aforementioned is done, it is time for you to check upon the amount of garbage there is inside of the bin, and then you will need to clean or empty the entire thing out. Often, there is nothing worse than having a stinky garbage can inside of the kitchen.

With a little bit of conviction, all of the tasks can be done within the span of ten minutes, ready in time for you to cook your next meal!


When You Hire Us For House Cleaning In Dubai, You Get The Best

When You Hire Us For House Cleaning In Dubai, You Get The Best


The real reason why you still have not cleaned your house is that you are too hesitant to let professional house cleaning experts in Dubai come to your homes and get the cleaning done for you. Well, you don’t have to worry when it comes to this aspect, as our maids are among the most trustworthy people. They are thoroughly vetted before they were chosen for the cleaning services, then they are vetted even more for their personal demeanour and language skills, then only are they chosen to be part of the Urban Housekeeping Cleaning Institute.


In our Cleaning Institute, we make sure that these maids are trained to be the best in the business and are given the right supervision so that they hone their skills to perfection. Their skills are driven by their inherent instinct and the ones that are inculcated on them. When it comes to house cleaning, they are given the proper training where they will learn about the different types of house cleaning techniques, the different house cleaning methods and all kinds of scenarios that they will face.


Our house cleaning is done so that there are absolutely no corners cut, no dust ignored, and once everything is done in just the nick of time, there is great satisfaction to be had when you come back from your leisure trip or dinner date to find a home waiting for you that is utterly clean and completely rid of anything that was harming the aesthetics and the hygiene while everything that could be enhanced has been enhanced.


When you call on our services, you will be getting the premium quality cleaning. You would be getting your every penny’s worth and you will find that the maids here are people who you can not only trust but also rely on time after time to get the job done.


When we do house cleaning, we make sure that the cleaning is done so that you can fully enjoy your house without worry of making it a mess again, why would you? With the flawless job that we would’ve done, you wouldn’t feel like tarnishing such perfection, because that is what is rare to find in these days, and you would not have look further if you want to get a perfectly clean house.

When you hire us for house cleaning in dubai, you get the best

When we do house cleaning, we make sure that the cleaning is done so that you can fully enjoy your house without worry of making it a mess again, why would you? With the flawless job that we would’ve done, you wouldn’t feel like tarnishing such perfection, because that is what is rare to find in these days, and you would not have look further if you want to get a perfectly clean house.

Urban Housekeeping L.L.C | Cleaning Service In Dubai

Urban Housekeeping LLC is a budding bespoke housekeeping service provider conceived with a mandate to redefine the maid and cleaning services industry standa...


How Housekeeping Services Takes Your Stress Away?

One of the things that would most definitely spoil the weekend are the heaps of clothes, dust and things that have piled up during the course of the week, and now which have become a sight for the sore eyes. You would not want the situation to remain as it is, but then again, would you want to spend an entire weekend trying to clean up – of course not. Therefore, the best solution that you have is to hire the services of housekeeping services, which can lift this burden off you and will gladly put on their shoulders.

Housekeeping services in Dubai are designed to do this. These companies have sprung up with the express intention to clean these homes. They are manned by professional cleaners who have a wealth of experience under their belts and have accumulated enormous experience cleaning households across Dubai, and this enables them to be extremely capable of cleaning any gargantuan mess that you might have made inside of your house.

Furthermore, these housekeeping services can easily fulfil the cleaning responsibilities without having to take up the entire day which you would have done had you tried to finish the cleaning by yourself. Countless jobs of cleaning under their belts have made them quite experienced in the art of cleaning and they will clean in a matter of hours what would have taken you an entire day to clean.

Of course, your house might be a first-rate disaster of a mess, and you would want the cleaning which transpires to mitigate the disaster from becoming a catastrophe. This will happen when you leave the task in the capable hands of housekeeping services. Manned by maids who have had training which fine tunes their already keen cleaning skills, they are going to come to your location, on time, and make order out of what was once chaos.

Of course, it’s not just cleaning what these trained maids can do for you. They are trained to do complementary cleaning services such as taking care of your children as nannies and babysitters. Care for your pets when you are out, and also to look after your elderly. They will also do the laundry and ironing, gardening and all the other miscellaneous activities that comprise housekeeping services.

Indeed, when you think about it, you are just one call away from a completely free weekend, while all your housekeeping worries will be taken care of by people who would love to do that.


Why should you hire Office cleaning services in Dubai?

Why should you hire Office cleaning services in Dubai?

Well, when you think about it, it’s not like you can get the cleaning all by yourself can you? Your office might be quite large and has space enough to inhabit a wealth of people, so if you were to try and do the cleaning by yourself, it would definitely be a problem. These kinds of the problem will mean that you would be left with no other option than to seek the help of office cleaning services, who are definitely going to have a cooler head than you and will definitely provide you with the consummate cleaning because:

They are the ultimate professionals – Trained and experienced, these office cleaning maids would’ve already seen a multitude of offices of all sizes and shapes and would know how to execute the cleaning wherever you want them to lean on. Whether you are operating a corporate office or managing a small start-up, office cleaning services in Dubai would have gone through all of them and it will never be a matter of concern.

They are versatile – Of course, not all offices will be the same. The reasons why you should hire office cleaning services instead of janitors or contract maids is that they are made of trained specialised maids. The specialisation equips with several skills apart from the routine cleaning skills that would normally be seen. Offices will require specialised cleaning for their ventilation systems, or for their restrooms, and you can be certain that standard office cleaning services will know how to clean properly.

They will do it fast – Of course, you would want to waste an entire workday for the cleaning and renovation purpose. Therefore, you would the cleaning that happens to happen as quickly as possible. The best cleaning that will occur is cleaning that is done quickly and which will not cause you any delay. This is what office cleaning services I Dubai can offer for you, they are ready to give you cleaning during the time that you find it preferable – prior to the work starting or just after it ends.

Indeed, for you, the best option is to consider the services of office cleaning services in Dubai. They will come around and do the cleaning for you with the express purpose of making your establishment once again fit for the employees to have a content and happy life that will give them a great amount of productivity.


How hiring cleaning companies in Dubai helps solve your troubles?

How hiring cleaning companies in Dubai helps solve your troubles?

When you hire cleaning companies in Dubai, you are giving yourself a break by involving the experts to do your job. These experts with their enormous experience and multitude of skills can perform the cleaning far quicker than you could ever do. Now, you do not have to go and clean your house or get sub-par cleaners to come and clean your office, you can get the things done quickly with the help of these cleaning companies in Dubai. They are indeed your saviours when it comes to cleaning up.

cleaning companies in dubai


Their wealth of experience is quite vast. Most cleaning companies in Dubai have been in operation for quite some time and have amassed a sizable amount of maids in their entire fleet so that they can clean a multitude of location and have special skills. These companies would have had extensive experience cleaning offices and homes across the U.A.E. and this experience gives them insight and skill to handle any kind of cleaning situation that might come up.

Skill Set

When you are busy with your daily social life, finding time for cleaning is not really at the top of your list of things to do. Secondly, you don’t have the skills to do it, but there are some that do have these skills. Having maids with such an extensive skill set helps them to tackle a multitude of problems that might rise up, problems that you might find overwhelming. Their versatility of skills allows them to give you several kinds of services as well.

Many Services

They vast skill set enables the cleaning companies in Dubai that they work for to provide a plethora of skills on offer for those who want it. The cleaning services that are offered are plenty; often as diverse as residential, office, steam cleaning, and other forms of cleaning that overlap with the first two. Furthermore, these maids in Dubai can give you complementary jobs which are not found anywhere else. These jobs are job such as babysitting, pet care and elderly care, all of which are jobs for which they have been and would in demand in a household.


Imagine what would happen if you’d ignored you house’s cleanliness for just one week. It would look awful and would probably smell even worse. The inhabitants of that household would want to move somewhere else. Similarly, such cleanliness is also required of in an office space, for it was not found there, it would not compel any of the employees there to work at all.

This problem of cleanliness is solved with the help of cleaning companies. They are the ultimate cleanliness divas. Coming over to your house or office at a reasonable price and giving you the perfect house or office space.


How cleaning services companies in Dubai create your peace of mind

How cleaning services companies in Dubai create your peace of mind

Looking for peace of mind? Then you need a clean house which you can get when you get the help of cleaning services companies in Dubai. Of course, peace of mind is something that is subjective, but you can definitely be calmed down after you receive a cleaning service in your home from a Dubai cleaning company. If you are looking all the reasons why this is a good idea, then you need to look anywhere for I will list out all the reasons how cleaning companies in Dubai will help you achieve peace of mind.

They are professionals: Often it is the case that cleaning requires that you not avoid anything out of your reach, but instead take into account everything. If you look at cleaning that often occurs if it’s done by you, then you find out that it is not really possible for you to clean everything. Perhaps, it is better off if you hand over the cleaning duties to the cleaning professionals like those who are working in a Dubai cleaning company.
They are versatile: These cleaning services professionals are so good at cleaning that they are able to do different types of cleaning. They are able to give you the perfect cleaning whether you are in a house, apartment, villa, or even other locations. They can perform window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and even floor cleaning.
They are affordable: Indeed, these cleaning services are quite affordable for the average middle-class household, and in this way, it won’t be a burden on your finances. A Dubai cleaning company usually charges a house cleaning by the hour, and the rate is usually not more than AED 40/Hr. When in the past, this was a niche for the affluent, it is no so anymore, and now anyone can afford it.
Indeed, peace of mind is affordable for a person if that person is given the free time she/he deserves on the weekends. Instead of having to trudge your weekends by working to clean up your home, now you can have the leisure time that you can use to spend with your family or on yourself as you so deserve. In the meantime, you need not worry about the cleanliness of your home as you can rest assured that these professional cleaning services companies would be really busy cleaning your home to perfection.