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Headline for Mentoring in the Faith Community
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Mentoring in the Faith Community

Sanctuary Girls - Discipling young women

While serving as chaplains at their local High School, Amie and Lesley recognised a need for girls to have a little time out, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, a little sanctuary from the everyday pressures of teenage life. Over the next year the group developed from meeting in school every week to meeting outside of school once a month. Sanctuary Girls began and together they embarked on the adventure of discipleship.

8 Ways to Encourage Discipleship Among Children

Children Independently Following Jesus. Irregular attendance at programs is a constant concern of children’s ministry leaders. The reality is that children can only attend our programs when their family enables them. Teaching children to nurture their relationship with God and independently follow Jesus will help them in the wider circumstances of their life when they may find themselves without Christian support.

The Church Sticking Together – The Vital Role of Intergenerational Relationships in Fostering Sticky Faith

It turns out that intergenerational relationships are one key to building lasting faith in students. Silver bullet? No. Helpful if we want students to live their faith beyond high school? Absolutely. Sadly, many high school students lack these significant relationships. In our effort to offer relevant and developmentally appropriate teaching and fellowship for teenagers, we have segregated (and we use that verb intentionally but not lightly) students from the rest of the church. In interviews and open-ended survey questions, participants shared reflections like this one: “The students seemed to be very separated from the rest of the congregation. Maybe fixing that gap would help unite the church.”

What is the context of child discipleship?

In biblical culture, as in most cultures still today, people did not live primarily as individuals, but as families, especially extended families. How might this influence our understanding of discipleship?

Having Faith Conversations With Kids – Orange Leaders

“Well, like one time I forgot to study for a test. So on my way to school I prayed to God to help me do good on the test… and I did!” Out of the mouths of second graders, right? Has one of your few ever made a statement about faith in group that you know you should probably address, but you weren’t quite sure how?