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Top Unusual Sights in Sathron – Unique things to see in the city

Stay away from the usual travel guides about Thailand. Here are some cool and unusual things you shouldn't miss.


Phallic shrine

If there's anything as oddly sighted as this, the Phallic Shrine takes the cake. The shrine was originally dedicated to a female animist spirit called Chao Mae Tuptim. Legend has it that the spirt resides in the banyan tree, and one day a woman who couldn't conceive came to the shrine asking for a child. Nine months later, the woman was blessed with a child and came back to the temple with the offering of a giant wooden penis – as an offering to the spirit. Years later, this tradition still continues and you'll be able to see the shrine cluttered with plenty of phalluses in various sizes and colours, made is either wood or stone. Oddly enough, it is also believed to improve the cash-flow of businesses, so don't be too surprised if you find them in offices and shops! Other offerings to the tree spirit are garlands of fresh Jasmine flowers, fragrant incense sticks or lotus buds.


Erawan Museum

Hard to miss, this museum can easily be identified by the enormous sculpture of a three headed stone elephant towering outside the entrance of the museum. This sculpture took about 10 years to complete and weighs 250 tons! The elephant is known to be an image of Airavata – also known as Erawan; part of Hindu mythology. The museum holds a wide range of architectural symbols that are mixed with Thai arts and crafts to give this structure a great entrance in learning about Thai culture. The museum is located in the city near some hotel apartments in Bangkok, and for those staying at properties similar to Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok, transportation can be easily found. The first floor of the museum is a representation of the underworld and holds a wide collection of vases from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The second floor shows depictions of earth, holding antiques and art, including a statue of the Chinese Goddess with a thousand arms named Guanyin. The top floor is set to represent Travatimsa Heaven which has relics of the Buddha and Buddhist statues.


Forensic Museum

Bangkok's Forensic Museum is not for the easily squeamish or the faint hearted. The eerie museum displays deformed babies with genetic disorders contained in formaldehyde, jars of various parasites which affects human organs and other preservations of other creepy crawlies like snakes, spiders etc. The Songkran Nyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum holds more eerie specimens, ranging from preserved bodies or murderers, accident victims, and even a famous local madman who was known to consume livers of children in the 1950s. The Anatomical Museum has numerous cabinets with numerous skeletons, dissected bodies of adults and children, each with their own story to tell. If you aren't creeped out yet, venture further, towards the jars of perfectly preserved babies that had undergone some birth defect. The area around them has now been decorated with toys piled up in the corner.


Giant Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran

As many travel guides about Bangkok identify some of the more popular Wats; or temples, this temple will probably not be on that list. However, you should definitely add it as one of the temples you need to visit in the country. A red 17 storey tower is shrouded by a giant dragon; with its tail and body artistically coiled around the building, and its head sitting at the top of the building. The interior of the building is filled with Buddhist statues and artefacts.

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