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10 Ways to Live Ayurveda – Experience the Tranquility of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the ancient arts that teach us about maintaining a healthy physical, mental and spiritual existence. Here are 10 simple ways through which you can live Ayurveda.


Hydrate regularly

Much of Ayurveda is about cleansing the body of toxins. One of the most natural ways of cleaning your body of toxins is by proper hydration. Keep a glass of water or a bottle of water with you and sip water as much as possible. You can also set a daily target of water to consumer per day to keep track of your hydration.


Eat Fresh

We live in a day and age where the culture is such that fast food is the only thing that most of us can rely on for our meals. These fasts foods are often made with processed items which have many preservatives and toxins. As an alternative, try and make yourself a fresh meal every now and then, made with fresh fruits and vegetables to give your body a break from processed food.


Never Skip Breakfast

According to Ayurveda teaching, the skipping of a morning meal can create imbalances and irritation. Ayurveda teaches us to have a healthy breakfast that includes fruits and a warm cereal. To really feel its full effects, have fruit as soon as you wake up and wait about 20 minutes to have your cereal.


Take a Few of Minutes to Meditate

You should never underestimate the power of taking a few minutes off to calm your mind and body. Pick a time of the day – just after your lunch break, perhaps – and close your eyes and calm your mind and body. Focus only on your inhaling and exhaling and you can be guaranteed of seeing results within a few days.


Massage Your Body

Ayurveda specializes in massages and skin treatments. Thus, if you want to live Ayurveda you can learn a few simple massage techniques to practice on yourself. You can get yourself some herbal oils as well, so that your experience is enhanced. The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort Wadduwa is a recommendable Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka where you can pick up some tips.


Have a Regular Sleep Cycle

Our dynamism is dependent on how well rested we are. This is a truth that Ayurveda practitioners believe dearly. Thus, if you want to live Ayurveda, start with developing a regular sleep cycle and stick to it. Make sure your sleep cycle covers enough rest hours so that your body can rejuvenate over night, which is sure to improve your mental and physical performance.


Make some time to bond with Nature

Ayurveda and nature are closely interlinked, which is why Ayurvedic treatments consist exclusively of natural ingredients. Thus, every now and then head over to a park or garden and take a few minutes to appreciate its beauty, and understand the wonder of life in nature and the cycle of life from blossom to decay.


Drink Herbal Tea

Drinking all-natural herbal tea is one of the best ways to purify your body according to Ayurvedic teachings. The nutrients in herbal tea do wonders to body as they are known to detoxify and revitalize the body. It is also great for your hair and skin.


Fancy Dinner Table

Ayurveda espouses the belief that each meal should be a celebration; an experience that is meant to be savored and indulged in. Thus, the Ayurveda lifestyle follows the practice of decorating the dinner table with candles, incense, fresh flowers, clean-tableware, and colors of natures. These will help you appreciate your meals, which according to Ayurveda, translates into better digestion and nourishment.



Physical fitness is a key element in Ayurveda. Thus, always make some time in your day to get some physical exercise. It can be something as simple as a brisk walk in the park, something a bit more strenuous like a jog, or something that requires a bit of training like yoga.

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