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10 Ayurvedic Tips to Follow for Glowing Skin - Top Natural Remedies for Flawless Skin

Famed for its time tested remedies afflicting the human body, the ancient medicinal school of Ayurveda also offers great solutions for a glowing complexion. Here are 10 tips for optimal skin health.


1. Identify Your Skin Variety

The first step in using Ayurvedic guidelines for a flawless complexion is identifying the type of skin one has according to Ayurvedic divisions. Ayurveda divides human skin types into Pitta skin, Vata skin and Kapha skin and each of these varieties have distinct characteristics. Identifying what one's skin type is can not only determine the type of treatments and remedies to use but also determine the course of treatments or beauty regiment is most suitable to gain the best results.


2. Drink Up

Proper hydration is essential to healthy and glowing skin according to Ayurvedic practices. Massage oils are recommended for daily use to keep the skin adequately hydrated. Herbal massage oils do not only contain plant moisture but can also penetrate underlying layers of the skin to transform dry and flaky skin into the supple and soft skin.


3. Take a Customized Approach to Skin Regimes

Healthy skin and glowing skin, in particular, is the result of a customised skincare regimen that is geared to nourish and fortify the natural appearance of one's skin. Once you identify the skin type, cater to its needs by providing nutrition as well as other practices that are beneficial to the particular skin type. The Pitta skin type should not be overexposed to the sun while spicy meals should also be avoided. Frequent cleansing is essential for Kapha skin as the oil prone skin type requires more cleaning.


4. Nutritional Support

Skin glows from within more than without, so providing the right type of nutritional support for your skin type is also imperative according to Ayurvedic guidelines. Avoid processed and non-organic food items and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure your digestive system functions without complications. A healthy diet which is full of natural goodness is preferable to rich foods heavy in the use of processed matter, excess oil and other impurities.


5. Rest Up and Sleep Early

Nothing impacts the texture and tonal appearance of one's skin more than the amount of rest one gets daily. Insomnia and other sleep disorders often lead to breakout prone skin and other skin diseases due to the lack of rest the body receives. This downtime is necessary to regenerate new cells and give you a youthful appearance as opposed to an aged skin tone.


6. Cleanse Gently with Natural Ingredients

When it comes to cleansing rely on natural products made from herbal ingredients to clean impurities and dead cells from the body. Employing glycerin from plant sources Ayurvedic facial washes provide mild exfoliation as opposed to the aggressive approach of chemical infused face washes.


7. Look into Supplements

One's immunity is not the only aspect of health that can be improved by using dietary supplements. Using a beauty supplement infused with natural ingredients and herbs will not only free toxins from your body but also contribute to a glowing skin.


8. Exercise Right

The most beneficial form of exercise to improve your skin tone according to Ayurvedic principles are one that addresses proper blood circulation and detoxification. Breathing exercises in Yoga practices can be especially beneficial while it is not necessary to follow a rigorous exercise regime to have a glowing complexion.


9. Unwind with a Massage

Ayurvedic massages can not only enhance the look of your skin but also help to rejuvenate the body from within. Often performed using organic herbal oils that are warmed and pressed on nerves frequent massage sessions can also put luster back in the ordinary looking skin. Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Spas are not the only option available for a massage in holiday hubs like Sri Lanka as many other Ayurvedic spas are available throughout the island as in most vacation hotspots.


10. Take Stress Relief Seriously

Although stress may be unavoidable in today's age it is important to take stress relief and relaxation seriously. Take time out to meditate and engage in activities that are calming in nature such as gardening or reading to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on your skin.

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