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Memorable Attractions in Cambodia – An Entrancing Nation to Explore

The intriguing nation of Cambodia offers a host of engrossing attractions for the visitor. This country contains a myriad of places of interest that will capture your fancy, such as those below.


Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is unquestionably one of Cambodia's primary attractions, as can be seen from the numbers of tourists who arrive to view this splendid cultural site. Angkor Wat is the result of three decades of work in the 12th century with the intention of constructing a resting place for the monarch Suryavarman II following his demise. In fact, Angkor Wat remained hidden until the period of French colonization of the country in the 19th century. One of the many highlights of this entrancing ancient complex is the splendid bas-relief sculptures which depict the various images of heaven as well as hell. Another popular feature is the carvings known as the 'dancing maidens'.


Angkor Thom

This is another well-known temple in Cambodia that will capture the imagination of the sightseer. This remarkable ancient shrine offers a number of features of interest with several intriguing highlights. One of these is the prominent bridge which is seemingly guarded by a series of flanking warriors sculpted from stone. Although many of the statues' heads are missing – looters being responsible – they offer a wonderful photo opportunity for visitors. At this temple too you will come across an attractive selection of bas-reliefs; but in this case, the sculptures depict scenes from everyday life rather than speculations about the afterlife. As you experience these fascinating attractions a choice of accommodation that you could consider would be a luxury hotel in Siem Reap within easy reach of this site such as Anantara Angkor Resort.


Artisans Angkor

This is, in fact, a trade academy for Cambodians from disadvantaged backgrounds that is also an attractive place to visit and shop at. You will have the opportunity to observe the skilled artisans working on their products in addition to shopping at the colourful showroom. This store is packed with a myriad of authentic craft products and artworks that are sure to capture the interest of the art and craft lover. At this remarkable showroom, you will find interesting handmade products such as stone and wooden statues, panels and tableware, lacquered sculpture, ceramic objects, scarves, silk apparel, jewellery and accessories. All of these products have been meticulously crafted by hand in the workshops of Artisans Angkor.


New Hope Restaurant

This appealing restaurant in Siem Reap is renowned for its delectable meals. However, it is also noteworthy for providing a second chance in life for individuals who formerly worked in the local sex industry. You will also find a school for vulnerable children as well as a free of charge medical facility here. The restaurant is managed by an experienced chef whose expertise can be seen in the outstanding dishes on offer. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the disadvantaged children who study here.


Local Countryside

If you love adventure and the outdoors make it a point to join an exciting all-terrain vehicle tour that will take you into the idyllic local countryside. As you pilot your obedient ATV along the rutted local roads you must keep both hands on your handlebars as they are challenging, yet the experience is always a memorable one. You will have the opportunity to observe the typical local countryside and glimpse the locals along the roadways. The highlight of your tour will be the splendid sight of the local sunset with the appealing rice paddies as the foreground. This sight is also sure to be an outstanding photo opportunity as it is an image that is quite unlike any other.