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08 Best Water Sports to do in Maldives – Fantastic Fun in the Surf

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a romantic destination where couples, families and even individuals can quench their thirst for water sports.



It is true that holidays to Maldives can help you indulge in marine sports of various sorts. The rich marine life and the vibrant and mysterious underwater world here make it an ideal choice for scuba diving. A number of resorts including those that can be booked through Vacation Maldives offer diving for amateurs as well as seasoned divers. The underwater world around Maldives beckons divers to explore the exotic world of coral reefs and a few shipwrecks where sea creatures swim about going about their daily and nightly lives.



Paddle away to the sway of the blue-green expanse dotted with beautiful islands and escape the worries of the mundane world for a blissful few hours in the salty, sensual sea. The calm seas during February are best suited for kayaking in Maldives.


Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran sailing will allow you to take in the green tinged islands from a different perspective. Many visitors consider catamaran sailing as a refreshing sport. Visitors can either go on their own or take an instructor with them to teach them the ropes.



Snorkelling is a fun way for even non-swimmers to witness the incredible beauty of the turquoise depths of the Indian Ocean surrounding Maldives. Geared up with a mask and your own set of fins, discover the world of creatures that live in the sea.



The adrenaline junkies would love this particular sport. It is a bit like "flying" while holding on to dear life as you glide across the water! Let the wind propel your board onwards and enjoy the daring sensation. The ideal spot for kite-surfing would be a considerably large lagoon for that vast expanse allows for freedom of movement.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is also for adventure lovers. It will feel like riding a motorbike at full speed on the water. Some resorts offer modern jet skis with minimal noise and low emission to aspire for a more environmentally friendly approach.


Underwater Walking

Ever seen photos of your friends wearing glass-faced helmets taking a stroll under the waves? Well, you can enjoy the same sensations while you walk about a seabed deep down and watch marine life swim past you. This is one of the best experiences you can have in Maldives. This is a great way for non-swimmers to experience the world beneath our seas where a vibrant life of its own thrives amidst the ancient rhythm of the ocean. You simply have to walk the seabed and watch through your oxygen mask.


Banana Boat Rides

A banana boat ride is a euphoric experience. Let the water splash and sprinkle you and your friends as your boat cuts through the creamy froth of the blue waters. The ride is much more fun than it looks and less scary.