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Best Cheap Eats in Melbourne – The Finest In Affordable Dining at Melbourne

Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures, and therefore has an incredible range of places to choose from, offering a range of very affordable and unforgettable food from all over the world.


P.J. O'Brien's

This stylish Irish pub is located close to Oaks Southbank, an easy to find Southbank Hotel Melbourne has to offer. The pub is reputed as a great atmosphere for the entire family and has critically acclaimed food that is not only delicious but incredibly affordable. The menu at the pub is also extensive, with a wide variety of things to choose from. Although it is an alcoholic establishment, P.J. O'Brien's has a reputation for a being a very family-friendly hangout as well.


Gami Chicken and Beer

This is a seasoned veteran in Melbourne's fried chicken scene and a recurring star in many 'Best Fried Chicken in Melbourne' lists. Their unique Korean Fried Chicken can be found in many outlets over Melbourne, and their value gets better as the crowd gets bigger. When it comes to their beer, the Gun Bae Pale Ale that is brewed exclusively for Gami is a fan favourite and is essential if you're taking a visit.


Hooked Fish and Chipper

Nothing says budgeted indulgence like fish and chips, and Hooked Fish and Chipper is one of the most popular establishments in their category, with a dedicated fan-base. Not only is this place affordable, their quality is what sets them apart, and on multiple lists showcasing Melbourne's finest fish and chips establishments. In addition to fish and chips, there are a variety of other seafood dishes to choose from at Hooked Fish and Chipper, including some pretty healthy ones that are just as indulgent.


Biggie Smalls

Although it defines itself a kebab-joint, there is so much more to be had at Biggie Smalls. The wraps here are the stars of the establishment, featuring ingenious creations such as the 'East Coast' wrap which comes loaded with maple-glazed pork belly coupled with peanut butter hummus, and a few other accompaniments. If you're craving something sweet, there are gluttonous options such as the Bombzel, which is a pretzel that has been filled with a mixture of peanut-butter and caramel. The establishment is also themed around the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.


Naked for Satan

Although this bar has a very striking name, there's nothing really Satanic about it. There are however, a few pictures of naked celebrities placed throughout the bar. Naked for Satan are known for serving a most daringly unique style of cuisine known as pintxos. Pronounced as 'pin-choss', these interesting bite-sized snacks involve various ingredients served on small slices of bread. They were invented in Spain for the purpose of casual social dining and are perfect for a bar setting. There are various toppings to choose from, ranging from fresh salmon to pepperoni. There's a diverse range of drinks and cocktails to choose from, with an equally massive selection of pintxos. The latter only costs $2 per piece. For a very affordable hangout at a place with a lucrative theme, be sure to check out Naked for Satan.

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