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5 Characters that showed 'rights' in the Redfern now episode stand up

This listicle is going to explain 5 characters that had rights more specifically human rights and it will also explain how and why they had these rights.


What are human rights?

Human rights are social rules that people follow because all humans are to be treated by these rights. Many people nowadays follow these rights but there are certain people that don't follow these rights. The rights that usually aren't followed are one that revolve around freedom of opinion and slavery.


How Joel Shields showed that he had 'rights'

Joel showed rights by saying that he thinks singing the national anthem feels wrong. He as a free human being has the right to express how he feels about the anthem. He also has the right to express his opinion without people judging how he views the anthem or people telling he that they think his opinion his wrong and explaining why they think he is wrong.


How Eddie Shields show that he had 'rights'

He showed rights because he told Joel that he didn't have to stand and sing the national anthem this is because he has the right to tell his son that he has a choice. He has the right to express his opinion about the anthem wether people agree with him or not. Another way he showed that he had rights was when he agued that even though he didn't believe in the anthem he still had the right to send his son to get an education.


How Nic Shields showed that she had 'rights'

Nic showed that she had rights by making sure that her son was getting a good education. She also showed that she had rights because she didn't care about the national anthem and that all she cared about was Joel and his school which is because she had the right to say this without judgement. Another way she showed this was in the fact she told Joel that he shouldn't throw his life away for a girl even though she was wrong she still had the right to say it.


How Mrs Macann showed that she had 'Rights'

MrsMacann showed that she had rights by expelling Joel because what he was doing went against what the school board had set even if people didn't agree with her. She also showed that she had rights by giving students detention for not following the rules set by the school.


How the Macoys showed that they had 'rights'

The Macoys showed that they had rights by sending their son in Joel's place this is because they had the right to make sure their son gets a good education. They also showed that they have rights by explaining their reason as to why they took Joel's place because they had they right to express their opinion without judgement.