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5 Characters that had 'Power' in the Redfern Now episode stand up

This Listicle that you are reading will be about 5 characters that had 'Power' in the Redfern Now episode stand up and will also explain how they had Power in the episode stand up


What Is Power?

Power-The word means to some people being stronger than the other but to other people they might not be physically strong but they could be mentally and what I mean by this is they might not be smart but they are cunning and resourceful and thinking outside the box.
Who has Power in the Episode??-In the episode Stand Up the people who had power are Joel, Board of Education, Principal, Eddie and Nic Sheilds


Does Joel have it?

Joel goes to a private school known for its education. The way to start the school day is to sing the national anthem and at first Joel dosen't know the words and his homework is to learn the words and find the origins of 'Advance Australia fair'. When he is studying he is greeted by his dad and asks about how school went and what he is doing, he then sees then explains how he has homework and it's about the Anthem, but Eddie (the farther) says he has a problem with it and just says "it dose not feel right'. The next day Eddie ex[plains to joel how the anthem is not theirs and he should not sing it and he listenes but gets into trouble and so he has a detention. He does this up to the point of him being expelled and what they do to fight back is use the media to expose what the school and Mrs Macann (the principal) to the point were she brings in another aboriginal student to show that they are not discriminating. In the end every aboriginal student wants Joel back and they do not sing the anthem and they win.


Maybe The Board Of Education?

The Board Of Education is what started the school and how they run so they technically should have all the power right?, wrong but the do have quite a lot of it and they choose wether or not a school shuts down or is kept running. The Principal has to listen to the board of education because they are her bosses in all this. The only times they didn't have power when they were on the newspaper being framed for being racist towards a student (joel) and suspending him for not sining the national anthem


Definetely Mrs MacAnn

Mrs MacAnn is the principal of the school and she shows and knows that she has power. You can tell that she is showing power in 2 different scenes, the first is when she expels Joel and doesn't feel sorry about it and in the final scene when she keeps back all the students and says and I quote "I will expel you all" and she is trying to show power and authority when she says this. She is also showing she has power by bringing in a new aboriginal student to the school.


Eddie (the farther)

Eddie is the kind of man to joke around with someone then get serious and say sorry but not when he explained to his son (joel) about how he doesn't believe in the anthem because it is not their song. He says to joel "I don't feel too good about this singing thing" and he tells joel to stand his ground and after doing this several times the parents are called in and Eddie stands up to the principal about how he should have a right wether to sing the anthem or not and explains "everyone has got their own mob and he should be in his own".


No, Defineteley Nic (mother)

Nic is the wife to Eddie and a mother to Joel and she has a big impact to Joel and Eddie multiple times, first time for Eddie when Eddie was explaining that he didn't believe in the anthem and that it isn't the aboriginlas song. Nic then says "just because you found some new found principals dosen't mean you have to jepordise our sons education" and also in bed when joel get suspened she then explains that "we should help joel" and that is what they do