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Headline for 5 characters from the Redfern episode “Stand Up” that displayed power.
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5 characters from the Redfern episode “Stand Up” that displayed power.

Each of these characters in the Redfern “Stand up” episode displayed power through their actions. Through various events from the character driven Redfern “Stand up” episode it is clear that each character has either started with power and lost it or lack power at the beginning and earn it at the end. This is explained further through the list.


Joel Shields

Joel Shields displayed power throughout the Redfern “Stand Up” episode. Certain camera angles and Joel’s actions showed the audience Joel represented power. An example of this is, that Joel decided to sit down and not sing the national anthem while the rest of his school did. He believed that it was not right to sing a song, which he did not signify importance with. Due to Joel consistently sitting down and not singing the national anthem the school expelled him as a consequence. This then influenced other indigenous students and the media to not sing the national anthem as well as fight for Joel’s position in the school. The media and other students swayed the school to finally give Joel a second position in the school with the permission to not sing the national anthem. This showed the audience that Joel was powerful. When Joel first refused to sing the national anthem, the camera was very high making him look small. While when the teachers were in shot, the camera was low looking up to them. This gave the audience the impression that the teachers were powerful unlike Joel. However, at the end of the episode there were only close ups of Joel. Certain events through the episode and different camera angles proved Joel was powerless at the beginning but with resilience he proved his point, which made him display power.


Mrs Maccan

During the Redfern “Stand Up” episode Mrs Maccan displayed power. This is because Mrs Maccan had power over many characters during the episode. However, due to the actions of others she became powerless by the end of the episode. Mrs Maccan had major power over Mr parish. The audience knew this because Mrs Maccan ordered Mr Parish to speak to Joel after he did not participate in singing the national anthem. Mr Parish had to explain to Joel that if he were to continue to not participate it would jeopardise his position in the school. This came directly from Mrs Maccan. Though, with other events influenced from other characters in the episode this was no longer the case for Joel. Joel stood up for himself, fought back to Mrs Maccan and the board of directors and achieved a place in the school as well as the permission to not sing the national anthem. Joel and who was on his side of the fight, proved to be more powerful then Mrs Maccan as they got what they wanted. Due to this, Mrs Maccan displayed power at the beginning of the episode but did not at the end.


Mr Parish

Mr parish displayed power in an interesting way. There were ways he used his power throughout Stand Up. They were interesting because he used power to promote one opinion and again used power to encourage the opposite. These actions included, when he told Joel off for not singing the national anthem as well as standing by Joel and his beliefs. Mr parish first followed the instructions of Mr Maccans to speak Joel on a number of occasions about him not singing the national anthem. This was an action that displayed power as it ruled over Joel. Though with Joel not giving in to singing a song he did not believe in and many other students, family members and media agreeing with him Mr Parish’s opinion changed. He then agreed with Joel and rose above what he was asked to do by his superior (Mr Maccan). Mr Parish demonstrated this by siting down and not participating in the nation anthem. This powerful action was what was needed for Joel to be allowed a position at the school and have permission to not sing the national anthem.


Eddie Shields

Eddie Shields is Joel Shields father and Nic Shields husband. Eddie has great power in the family and strong beliefs. What made Eddie different to other characters during the Redfern “Stand Up” episode is that he used his power. Eddie was unafraid to stand up for what he believed in. He displayed this by supporting Joel to not sing the national anthem. Eddie spoke powerfully to every character. A powerful quote by Eddie “Should a white man do a black fellas corroboree? Then why should a black man sing a white fellas song?” This is a strong quote that tells the audience you do not need to do something that you are not a part of. This explains that Eddie Shields is a strong representer of power throughout the whole Redfern “Stand Up” episode.


Nic Shields

Nic Shields has no power and the beginning of the episode but gains it at the end. The whole episode Nic only wanted the best for Joel, this did not change throughout. However, what changed was what Nic believed was best for joel. The first half of the episode Nic believed that going by the school rules was the best for joel as it will keep him in school. Nic tended to push her personal beliefs for her family aside to look at the bigger picture, which was keeping Joel in school. But as the episode went on, with influence for her husband (Edddie Shields) Nic’s opinion changed. As her opinion changed her actions prove powerful and she became powerful.