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Updated by Jean Hedren on Feb 26, 2017
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The complete guide to buying your dream lake home or cabin.

Buying your dream lake cabin should be a simple process. This NW Wisconsin lake home or cabin buying guide, with information about types of lakes, cabin styles, septic systems, and much more, can help..

Buying your dream lake cabin – getting started

Buying your dream lake cabin

Buying your dream lake cabin – choosing the lake type that’s right for you

Here we’ll examine the lake or water type that best suits your lifestyle. Every buyer approaches the search process differently.  I’ve worked with some people, for example, who were very particular about the features they wanted in their new lake home; they were less concerned about where it was located. I’ve also worked with buyers who prefer…

Buying a lake cabin – know your lake classification

How does water get into your lake? Hydrologists divide lakes into two main types: drainage and seepage.  Drainage lakes have an inlet and outlet; they’re part of system that “drains” a watershed.  They’re less affected by drought.  Seepage lakes get their water from springs, and from water that just “seeps” into the lake from the adjacent water table.  Some are…

Buying a lake cabin – what is your preferred recreation?

Recreational Activities What are your favorite recreational activities? As you are searching for the ideal lake home, think about the type of lake, as well as the surrounding area, that offers the most activities. Local communities are also important. Most local communities will at least have a grocery store, liquor store (in Wisconsin they’re usually…

Buying a lake cabin – beauty or price?

buying a lake cabin beauty or price

Buying a lake cabin – what to know about wells?

What you should know about wells. When you’re shopping for a home or cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin, you should know about the two main types of wells.  If you do, you’ll be able to make a better, more informed buying decision.  Here’s a quick overview. The first type is called a drilled well.  These wells…