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Outdoor Things to do in Negombo Sri Lanka – Adventurous Activities in Negombo

Negombo is definitely a very lucrative destination where Sri Lanka is concerned. This major coastal city offers fine beaches, incredible restaurants and many adventures.



The easiest way to make use of the pristine beaches and warm waters of Negombo is by going for a swim. Some areas of the beach can contain turbulent waters with strong undertows, which mean it is best to stick to the designated areas. If you're staying at one of the many Sri Lanka beach resorts located in Negombo such as Jetwing Sea you won't have anything to worry about since most resorts have their own private beaches. Staying with designated areas would be ideal on a family vacation since it would require minimal supervision of children.



Since Negombo is one of the biggest water-sports hotspots in Sri Lanka, there are many camps and establishments where you can embark on a waterskiing adventure. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, then enlist yourself in one of many training programs available to you. You can even make a waterskiing vacation out of a visit to Sri Lanka since many of these training centres also provide accommodation for enthusiastic trainees. For more seasoned water-skiers, there are plenty of places to rent the necessary equipment. The conditions for waterskiing are ideal from December until March, any time other than these months can be risky since the underwater currents can pose a great deal of risk.



There are many reasons for you to hit the waters of Negombo and get some wakeboarding experience under your belt. For one thing, the waters around Negombo are ranked as being ideal for wakeboarding all year round. The calmer waters of this region make it a particularly good area for beginners and people looking to learn the concept. Budding kite-surfers are also taken on a wakeboarding expedition in Negombo since they don't have to worry about wind-factors, and the waters provide a relatively easy course that doesn't strain their inexperienced muscles. This is definitely something to think about if you find yourself in Negombo.



There's a tremendous amount of magical scenery and life to be witnessed beneath the waters of Negombo, and one of the best ways to do so is through snorkelling. This provides a fun and easy manner to look into the depths of the sea and can be enjoyed by both children and adults as it requires minimal training or experience if one is able to swim. In order to have a truly breathtaking adventure one has to go scuba diving. There are many ways to do this, if one is PADI certified, renting the necessary equipment is incredibly easy. For novices, there are many institutions that will take you under the water, or even provide PADI certification courses if required.



One doesn't have to necessarily go beneath the waters to witness the incredible sea-life the Negombo sea have to offer. Heading out on a boat will enable you to easily glimpse whales and dolphins .Finding Spinner Dolphins would a very fulfilling sight since they perform acrobatic actions for the delight of many onlookers.

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