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12 Green Ideas to Glorify Your Events This Season!

Just like greenery should adorn the houses and environment all around, likewise, greenery must embellish modern events as well. During the current year we are expected to witnesses a lot of greenery being used in every kind of events because gorgeous greens can glorify gala events with its splendor. In addition, the lighter shades of greens are soothing to the eyes. Holydelights is the top wedding planning company in Kolkata provided some of the best ideas that can be used for ornamenting the events with greenery.


Greenery to greet:

Greenery to greet:

The guests of the events must compulsorily be greeted with greenery at the entrance of the events. There can be fabulous foliage forming a canopy like structure overhead that can cover the whole walkway that has to be traversed by the guests in order to reach the main venue of the event. The splash of greenery will at once metamorphose the minds of the guests who will invariably be excited to explore more of the event!


Greenery in Glitters

Using greenery in events including Weddings is a new trend. These may include beautifying every nook and corner of the event with greenery. Above all, greenery can be used in the glitter signs showing the names of the two people getting married by bordering the same with love sign designed with the help of artificial yet thick and bushy green leaves. Also the main altar for the marriage ceremonies or rather the stage where the bride and the groom will be sitting can be crowned overhead with artistic green leaves along with some glittery lights so as to add an extra visual effects for the invitees.


Greenery Goodies

Use of greenery is hardly influenced by the availability of space. There can be wonderful ideas on using greenery in your wedding even when the space is limited i.e. you may use the sidewalk stands or aisle markers. These are great greenery improving props and instead of going for flowers, fresh foliage can look fantastic over the markers! In fact, greenery can be a much better alternative here in place of flowers.


The green punch in the staircase:

Small staircases always remain present in various kinds of events. These are potential space for using greenery in the events. In fact, these can easily be strewn or draped with lush leaves that are bound to look lovely and add an aura of elegance to the ceremony.


Green goes with the ceiling

One of the most awesome places that can have bounty of greenery are the ceilings. The overhead ceiling can be made to look absolutely outstanding with greenery using plants like vine of ivy. It is important to note that using greenery for your ceilings can actually save you a great deal of cost because other alternatives for decorating e.g. ceilings like chandeliers are quite expensive.


Greenery with good food

Another magical touch of greenery can be added in the buffet counters and dining tables where the same can be embellished with table runners like seeded swags of eucalyptus trees that can provide an immensely impressive look and feel to the space of the event. You may always come up with different ideas on using greenery at events which can always be incorporated in brilliant ways.


Greenery in chairs

The chairs and various other sitting places spread across the length and breadth of the event can be decorated with fantastic festoons full of lush green leaves that will transform the overall aura of the event into an enticing one!


Greenery in the chandeliers

If one is ready to spend some extra bucks for the events, then chandeliers may escort the decorations for some of the events. These chandeliers indeed look charismatic when hung from the ceilings but these will have an extra edge when decorated with meandering greenery all over that will reflect the light from the chandeliers and give a greenish effect to the atmosphere of the event.


Greenery in the centerpieces

Centerpieces are indispensable in any event and these are usually present in the dining tables. These can be accompanied by some splendid looking leafy decorations thereby adding another greenish effect to the events.


Greenery for the backdrops

Green is the other name of prosperity and enhances the eco-friendliness of the event as well. Therefore, the backdrops of the events must always speak in green because any event must signify something flourishing in a magnificent way and that must be epitomized with the help of greenery throughout the event space. Hence, the whole background of the event space can be garnished with greenery by incorporating the creative ideas on using greenery at events.


Greenery for bar counters and cocktail tables

Special kinds of events have special requirements and hence, the greenery can adorn the plush interiors of the corporate events by getting embedded within the bar counters of cocktail tables and forming a superb silhouette of greenery over the counter space.


Greenery in the cards

Greenery used for the Invitation cards, Menu cards and Event cards along with signage boards can not only be made to look unique but these will actually speak about the green theme of the events.

So, now with the range of ideas on using greenery at events, you may now flaunt your knowledge on making your events mesmerizing and mind-blowing. Else, you may also hire dependable destination wedding planners in Kolkata like Holydelights who can do the needful on your behalf at a minimum cost.