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Redfern Now Shows Us We Have The Power To Change Things

Redfern Now Stand Up shows us that we can stand up for ourselves and others. we have the power to change things



In this part you can see that Joel is sticking up for his rights and thinks that he should not have to stand for something he doesn’t believe in. so as you see he sits down and does not stand. He knows there we be consequences but its what he thinks. That’s what he believes in so he should stick up for it. This is a long shot they use the rule of thirds in this scene they show Joel in the centre because if you want the attention on someone or something you put in the centre don’t you?


The Anthem

In this gif you see right here it shows again standing up for his rights not singing but just standing there. Ignoring everything he is brave and believes that he is correct in what he is trying to do and what. He thinks is right for him. This is a close up shot showing the watcher that he is sad he doesn’t know what to do and it is a terrible use of power.


Getting Taken Out

In this scene right here you can clearly seeing Joel being clearly taken outside by a security guard but at that moment. They took action and took photos of Joel being out of the school. It shows that they are trying to kick someone out. That is just trying to stick of for himself. There is actually two camera angles in this scene a close up and a extreme long shot you see that Joel is being taken outside and they use two different shots for two different parts.


People Seeing The Right Way

In this scene of Redfern now stand up you can see things are turning around for Joel and starting to look up. You can see Mr Parrish smiling at what and realising that they are doing what they feel is right. This is when you really see things turn around For Joel and friends This is another two shot scene with a close up and a long shot on Principal McCann walking back to the stage, the close up shows the English teacher smiling to himself. The long shot shows angry principal walking back.


New Students

In this scene you can see Principal McCann trying to show people
that she is all for the rights of indigenous people. She brings another student into the school trying to make a mends. But little does she know it would make People all the more mad You can see in this scene it shows it’s a close up then cuts to a mid shot. You see him smirking. Then it cuts to the mid shot showing them talking about Joel and why he got kicked out but how it opens new slots for students.


Standing up for rights

Right now you can see that there are people that want Joel back They want him to be a student. So they sit down and get told off you could say they stand up for him.Joel meant something to them
So they fought and they got him back. Thisx cuts from a long shot to a mid shot of the students the students that sat there and stuck up for Joel and thought what he believed in was right,
They knew that what he was doing they wanted to do it