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Updated by Ricky Ribeiro on Oct 18, 2016
Headline for The Best Blogs About Monkeys
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The Best Blogs About Monkeys

A list of the top monkey blogs.

Monkeys In The News

Headlines, reports and articles about crazy monkeys.

Blogging for the Monkeys « Archaeology, Museums & Outreach

I started out this post wanting to consider blogs in the same way I discussed Wikipedia last week – as a source or direction for research and scholarship.   There is a good bit of discussio...

Monkeys | The Official Houston Zoo Blog

We all eat to live (although some of us live to eat) and primates are no exception. In fact, if you go to visit monkeys and apes in nature, what you will probably see is foraging and lots of eating.

Great Apes Blog

After weeks of rumors about captured baby gorillas for sale in eastern Congo, the Gorilla Doctors (MGVP) successfully followed bits of fragmented news to its source and found and confiscated a year-old gorilla. The tiny female eastern lowland gorilla, now named Ndjingala, was being held in Walikale, a "red zone" 120km north of Goma where rebel fighters and government soldiers regularly clash over control of the area's rich mineral deposits. The Gorilla Doctors and caretakers with Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (DFGFI) are nursing the traumatized orphan gorilla back to health at a facility in Goma.

the Intimate Ape

Hey little monkey, why you dance so funky?