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Colour Graphic Services Pty Ltd

Colour Graphic Services is a renowned for providing ISO 12647 implementation, set up, support, audit and certification services. Want to increase the productivity and colour stability of your existing offset press.


How to check your RGB Printer ICC profile

When making a printer ICC profile it is imperative to work through each step and validate each step. Careful visual examination of the print result, at each step is required, and the right decision has to be made.

What Aperture Size is right for Print Colour Measurement

Get free advice about what aperture size to use for colour measurement. Read more...

What are the functions of a densitometer and spectrophotometer

Get free advice about what is the right instrument to use - densitometer or spectrophotometer. Read more...

How to Use ICC profiling to Calibrate Printers and Scanners?

Even the best scanners and printers can fail to render accuracy in reproducing colours. Why? Careful scanner and printer colour calibration with ICC profiling enables effective colour management. Device calibration and International Colour Consortium (ICC) profiles contain data that characterize various input-output devices with their distinctive attributes and capabilities to enable accurate colour reproduction.

How do you Use ICC Profiles?
First, calibrate your device and then create ICC profiles - you will need:
• Profiling software
• Colour measurement instruments
• Device colour validation
• Knowledge and expertise

How Do We Help?
Colour Graphic Services offers calibration and ICC profiling services to help with scanner and printer device calibration. With us, you enjoy advantages like:
• Access to the latest and advanced spectrophotometers and ICC profiling software
• Complete evaluation of the output process
• ICC profiling at your business site
• Profiling and calibration training

Get more information about device calibration at +61 (0)400 123 398

Increase Your Print Colour Consistency & Accuracy with Techkon Spectrodrive

Are you in search of a solution that can offer you a sustainable increase in offset press productivity? What if you find an amazing solution that ensures consistent colour accuracy throughout the print run and can reduce your make ready? Colour Graphic Services can provide you with the Techkon SpectroDrive for press side colour scanning, with the option of closed loop colour control.

Benefits of Using Techkon SpectroDrive

• Easy to use, fast auto scanning system
• Increased press productivity
• Flexible - can suit just about any press format
• Two measurement devices in one
• Reliable
• Versatile

Why Choose Us?

• Dependable service
• Best in Class colour quality in print solutions
• Prominent players in the industry
• Customer-centric approach
• Cost-effective results

If you wish to enquire about the Techkon SpectroDrive, contact us at +61 400 123 398.

How Our Printer Colour Calibration Can Help Get Your Print Colour Right?

Every time when you print, you can achieve accurate results with our Colour Graphic Service printer colour calibration support solutions. It helps you in bringing your printer into a consistent, optimal and precise state. It also helps you keep track of device drift. This ensures that the colour management remains valid and accurate.

Benefits of Printer Calibration:

  • Your colour print output is accurate and predictable
  • You get reliable and consistent colour
  • Saves time and money

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly experienced team
  • Unrivalled technical support
  • Customised solution
  • Consistent and accurate results, every time

We can help you reduce waste and improve production volume for offset, digital, wide format or flexo. Call us on +61 400 123 398 to discuss your requirements.

Reduce Waste & Save Money with Our Colour Management Service

Do you want to enhance colour control in your business whilst reducing waste? Colour Graphic Services can help! Whether you print using offset, flexo, wide format or digital, we make colour management solutions easy. Our team strives hard to ensure that you consistently achieve accurate, predictable and true colour matches.

What’s more we can ensure that your colour output is standardised across each print engine/device and print process. We also offer PrintSpec - A colour report and analysis system by Mellow Colour, allowing you to take control of colour.

Why Choose Us?

• State-of-the-art colour management software
• Accurate and consistent results
• Unrivalled service
• Expert consultation
• Competitive pricing

To achieve consistent and predictable colour quality in print every time, call our specialists on +61 400 123 398.

Print Quality Management Ensures Consistent Colour in Print

Consistency and accuracy of colour in print is essential to retain your business’s credibility. If you are looking for reliable print colour quality management solutions, Colour Graphic Services is the perfect destination for you. We can offer you the Proficient Printer Program and Mellow Colour print quality management systems at a competitive price point.

Print Quality Management Advantages:

• Less waste & greater efficiency
• Predictable, accurate and consistent colour
• Regulation of standard operating procedures
• Improved print management

Why Choose Us?

• Over 20+ years of extensive experience
• Certified colour experts - G7 Expert and Mellow Colour Partner
• Expert advice and technical support
• Exceptional customer service
• Affordable

Print quality management helps in boosting your profitability. To discuss your requirements, call us on +61 400 123 398.