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Explore Wombarra – The Essential Places to Discover in Wombarra

Located on the south-eastern tip of Australia is Wombarra, a suburb of Wollongong. It may not be popular, but Wombarra contains some incredibly beautiful sights, and a few interesting attractions.


Rock Pool

Perhaps the best way to start off the exploration of Wombarra is through a relaxing visit to one of the area's most guarded treasures. Many providers of Wombarra accommodation such as the Emerald + Aqua Holiday Homes make use of the area's incredible natural splendour. The rock pool, located at the end of Reef Avenue, is one of the best utilisations of the incredible geographical qualities of the land. It is hard to describe what the rock pool actually is since it contains both natural and artificial elements. It comprises of multiple pools that have been built in a way that natural water also flows into them, yet they are exceptionally maintained to ensure the cleanliness of a swimming pool. On any given day or time you can enjoy the experience offered by this unique attraction without worrying about crowd congestion.



Wombarra Cemetery: Never has a cemetery been this beautiful. This garden of remembrance is located near the beach, at Lawrence Hargrave Drive. On one side of the cemetery you will discover magnificent coastal views, and magnificent rainforest on the other. This is one of two cemeteries in Australia that attract people purely because of the magnificent views there are to be seen here.


Wombarra Sculpture Garden

This is one of the iconic attractions Wombarra has to offer. It is the brainchild of Gaby Porter, who over the course of four years painstakingly integrated a series of paths into the Wombarra forest to create a unique gallery to showcase brilliant sculptures from various artists. There's an inspiring range of art to discover, composed of materials ranging from stone to bronze to even local timber. There's a series of ceramic birds placed within the walkway, and at first glance they seem captivatingly lifelike. In total, there are sixty pieces of art to be seen within the garden. Gaby Porter, who also contributes her own art to the garden, claims that people can experience all the art contained within the sculpture garden within an hour. Despite this, most people spend most of a day here as they are profoundly captivated by the various statues, effigies and carvings.


Sea Cliff Bridge

For a truly breathtaking experience, take a drive along Sea Cliff Bridge. This incredible architectural accomplishment slithers along the cliffs of Wombarra's coast and at times is suspended over the ocean itself. It was built in 2005 and still remains one of the most iconic aspects of the coastal town. You will definitely want to take a stop to appreciate the stunning views offered by the bridge, and you're in luck because the bridge contains a pedestrian lane as well. During certain seasons you will be able to easily glimpse dolphins and whales in the water. The bridge was built away from the rock face, with a foundation underneath to keep it clear from the crumbling cliff faces. This only further contributes to the experience of travelling on the Sea Cliff Bridge.