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7 times Joel showed us how to stand for what we believe


We all have a strong belief

In this shot you can see Joel not singing the national anthem at the school assembly while the rest of the school is which causes him to be kept behind after. It’s been shot as a close up to show how he is the only one not singing, the next is a long shot to show he is the only one being kept behind. This shows that he isn’t afraid to show what he believes in and to stand up for himself.


Standing up for what we believe can be the hardest part

Joel continues to stand alone and continues not to sing the national anthem with the rest of the school. Joel is concentrated on from a high angle from a long shot slowly going closer to Joel to show the he is standing alone for what he believes. This shows how much strength Joel has to continue to make his point and to stand up for himself no matter how hard.


People will bring you down

Joel’s parents get called for his constant refusal to sing the national anthem, Joel’s dad is on his side but as for his mum she just wants him to follow the rules for a good education. The camera is very focused on Joel’s parents and Joel as well as the principle, you can tell none of them are happy to be having this meeting. Through fighting for what you believe there are always going to be people who disagree and will want to change your view like the principle is doing to Joel.


People power

Joel has made it into the papers because he was expelled for not singing the National Anthem at assembly which the principles isn’t very happy about it. He has made his belief public and told the people he doesn’t feel right being expelled for not singing one song. You can feel the tension building by the flash of the camera and the facial expressions the principles face.


Making your family proud, can make you feel good

Joel’s Dad is very proud of him for standing up for himself, you can tell by the way Marley Shape smiles at the paper and shacks his head in satisfaction.


Others will share the same belief

Student’s from Joel’s school of the same nationality have recognised how wrong it was for him to be expelled and have worked up the courage to stand up for themselves as well as Joel. This is a tracking shot of the principle going down the aisle talking to the students that refused to sing the anthem and got asked to stay behind. Joel’s courage to stand up for what has he believes has encourage others to as well.


We can all make a difference

In this shot it is shown Joel and the principle walking towards her car because he succeeds and is going back to Clifton Grammar, his parents follow behind to send him off. To see where they are going a tracking shot from behind was used to get them all in the shot. This shows if we stick to what we believe that we can succeed and make a difference.