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DIYs for home

waves in a bottle

What ?Very relaxing and easy to make toy - waves in the bottle. What will be needed ?Water & dye (watercolor for example, or food dye)BottleTransparent Oil (baby oil is ok)

Balloon hover craft

This is part of a series of Instructables intended for teachers about educating students in the classroom around making and tinkering. For more about the details of this project, check out our blog.CD balloon hovercrafts are a tried and true instructional tool in the classroom for teaching the concepts of friction, air flow, momentum and a host of other physics concepts. There are a lot of other Instructables out there with different methods, like this great one from The Children's Museum of Houston. Use whatever method or materials suit your needs best.These devices float rather well on any smooth surface, and depending on what size balloon you use and how much air you allow to escape, can work for several minutes at a time. They are quick to make for almost any age. We've added a design challenge component to the facilitation of this activity to both make the device ...

solar lantren

It is a solar lantern made by sticks, by iridescent transparent paper and by a sun lamp of garden.I have make a video being how understandable to do it

salt art

This DIY is salt art in a bottle. This can be done in any glass container.What You need.1) Salt2) water colour (paints)3) test tube4) glass container5) empty container 6) water7) gloves

home made slime

Here's how to make slime - and fast! This project is totally kid-safe. Most slimes need borax or laundry detergent, but if you are making this with kids, those chemicals are very dangerous. This slime can be used as a gift, too. These are all the materials you need:1 cup (I like to use the little ones from baby food or something like that)Glue Some contact lens cleaner (it has to be for contacts, the cleaners made for glasses will not work)Food coloringBaking powder

candle lamp

Don’t let anyone dim your light, make it more colourful! by Devashree Gharkar Materials needed: Glass jar/mason jarGlass linerGlass paintCandle

easy paper flowers

Paper is undoubtedly one of the best craft materials, with endless possibilities! I learned to make these hyacinth flowers few years ago and the pattern led me to a new one. The first hyacinth tutorial I posted was quite time consuming and difficult to make but this one is super easy but just as pretty as the first ones. Once you get handy with this flower making technique you’ll become addicted! Besides, these flowers can be great as gift box toppers, party decors and a fun craft project for kids. All you need is some basic craft supplies and 2 minutes to spare.So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

homemade air dry clay

Materials Used:- 1 cup Cornstarch1 cup glue2 tablespoons Baby oil2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar Moisturizer cream(for kneading)Visit

water and Air powered rocket

This is an extremely easy fun backyard project for kids of 5 to 10 years. This will help them to understand the basics of rocket science.