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Wonderful Himalayan Salt and Salt Lamps

Here are some beautiful lamps and the benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home.
Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

Is it Safe to Leave a Salt Lamp On All Night? | Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you're wondering whether it's safe to leave a salt lamp on all night, read on to find your answer from Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique.

Instructions for Caring for Your Salt Lamps - Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

One of the great things about Himalayan Salt Lamps is that they are an extremely low-maintenance device. In non-humid conditions, your salt lamp will require very little attention from you at all.

Why is My Salt Lamp Turning White? - Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

Himalayan Salt lamps are quintessentially low-maintenance items. I mean, they’re just a big lump of salt with a light inside. I mean, honestly, there’s not a lot that can go wrong.

The Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps are both beautiful and health giving. Read on to find out what they can do for your well being, and the benefits you get from having them around.

Why Is My Salt Lamp Leaking Water? - Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

Well, the short answer is, it isn’t. Although Himalayan salt, like most salt does contain some water molecules locked up within its crystalline structure, these will only be liberated by exposing the ground salt to extreme heat for some time.

What's So Special About Himalayan Salt Anyway? - Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

Himalayan Salt has become a major export of the Punjabi foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan of late, and you will find it gracing menus and tables all around the world even as we speak. The health benefits of this remarkable salt are manifold, but not many people really understand what it is that makes Himalayan Salt so special. Let’s have a closer look at it and see if we can work it out.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Himalayan Salt Lamps - Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

Many people believe that Himalayan Salt Lamps can somehow alleviate the stress that they believe may be caused by having multiple sources of electromagnetic radiation in our homes and daily lives, but is there any scientific truth to all these glowingly impressive but almost completely anecdotal reports?

How to Change the Light Bulb in Your Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

How many Sherpas does it take to change a salt lamp light bulb? Only one, providing they read through the instructions first! Find your instructions here.