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Things to Buy in Nizwa Souq – One of the World's Oldest

Nizwa is one of Oman's oldest souqs. Enjoy a variety of experiences at this ancient Arabic market that retains trading traditions from days of yore. Anything including livestock is available here.


Buy Exquisite Silver Creations

Nizwa Souq sits next to historical Nizwa Fort a heritage attraction that was built in the 17th century. The market too dates back to this time and is fabulous for an authentic dose of local flavour and traditions. The fort and souq are just 57kms from the fabled Green Mountain of Oman. Snuggled between the Al Hajar Mountain range home to resorts such as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, this area is stunningly beautiful and a must visit for ancient culture and civilisation. Silverware at the Nizwa is, of course, a work of art; products are created using ancient skills passed down over generations. This is why silverware at this market is tipped to be of the highest workmanship quality and is rarely up for bargaining. Khanjars or traditional silver daggers encrusted with gems are some of the specialities Nizwa Souq is known for.


The Livestock Market

Okay, to be honest, no tourist would want to buy livestock while on holiday but a visit to this sector of the souq is highly recommended for a unique experience. Provided you can bear the smell of goats and cattle the market is a colourful insight to how trading was carried out from days gone by. The livestock market comes alive between 7 am and 9 am every Friday and although the desert provides ample parking with an early start is recommended. Occupying an open section of land away from the main perimeter of the market the livestock trade in keeping with centuries old traditions trades in cattle, goats, sheep and of course camels.


Buy Beautiful Jewellery

A variety of exquisite hand crafted jewellery is sold at Nizwa Souq, making this the most popular traditional market to visit from Oman luxury resorts. Silver jewellery as said before is a speciality while other hand crafted pieces encrusted with coloured stones and intricate carvings offer an exotic elegance reflective of Bedouin tribes.



Traditional pottery in the form of clay pots, amphora's and other traditional vessels are sold by vendors at this market. Glazed or painted in vibrant hues of blue and brick red the pottery collection at Nizwa is quite large.



Exotic fragrant spices that invoke memories of tales from the Arabian Nights are available in plenty at Nizwa Souq. Colourful displays of dried spices and herbs are hard to resist and will turn out to be of excellent quality.


Meat, Fruits and Vegetables

If you are hankering for some desert delights do sample the food available here. A variety of meats as well as local vegetables and fruits are freely available. Daily auctions are held at these stalls sectioned off as fish and meat, vegetables and fruit.


Souvenirs and Antiques

Remember the best experience of a traditional souq is to browse the place in entirety. Nizwa is no different the place is excellent for picking up local souvenirs as well as the occasional antique. Remember to keep a sharp eye and bargain. Surprising deals are achieved once you hone in on your bargaining skills.