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Drinks to Try when in Sri Lanka – Exotic Tropical Delights

Sri Lanka a tropical island promises one lot of smiles, relaxation and a taste of the exotic. Here are a few drinks popular on the sunny isle that quenches your thirst and put a smile on your lips.


King Coconut Water

As your flight descends to the island you will be greeted with marvellous sights of endless coconut palms and indeed the trees grow just about everywhere. The coastal belt is dotted with swaying coconut palms and in Sri Lanka, you will come across two varieties. One is the green husk from which the regular coconut is obtained. Once the nut is cracked open for scooping out the sweet white flesh the water is collected for drinking purposes. All the rage in the USA and Europe coconut water has been identified for its curative and hydrating properties. It is the orange husked King Coconut however that you will come to love as a drink. Stopping at roadside kiosks on a hot humid day for a drink of this water is quite the elixir. The top of the husk is shaved off and a hole punched through it aiding the insertion of a straw from which you drink the sweet nectar. Highly refreshing, cooling and hydrating this is the best drink to stay cool.



A much stronger drink that's derived from the flower of the coconut palm, arrack is an all-time favourite in Sri Lanka and South Asia. The fermented sap of the coconut flower is used to create the alcohol which is similar to whiskey derived from barley. Arrack is available just about anywhere and used as a cocktail base at the best restaurants in Sri Lanka. It is a brown liquid that's equal in strength to Vodka or Gin and is loved for its smooth dry texture with woody overtones. Arrack is available in many varieties, the best are those aged in oak barrels for many years. You could experiment with the drink or order it in a cocktail while chilling at the beach or pool, either way, arrack opens up a colourful vista of the tropics.


Rockland Dry Gin

One of the favoured local gins is the Rockland brand and Rockland Dry Gin is all you need for chilling by the pool. Identify the right mix for your drink and find yourself requesting for this brand whenever gin is needed. As a local product, this gin is available at just about any beach resort in south coast towns like Wadduwa, home to the likes of Club Suites by Blue Water famous for restaurants serving sunset cocktails by the beach that are based on Rockland Dry Gin.


Mullers Brau Pilsner

There is a variety of beer in Sri Lanka. You can try the Lion brand which is now bottled by Carlsberg Beer. However for something that's harking to a pretty good pilsner you should give Mullers Brau Pilsner a shot. It is a German style pilsner that's brewed at a factory in Meegoda by Cargill's. The drink is recommended as been light and refreshing with no hint of bitterness.


Carlsberg Special Brew

A drink that was created to commemorate Winston Churchill's visit to Copenhagen Carlsberg Special Brew is quite a strong drink. It does have a slightly tarnished image in the UK as a drink favoured by tramps; a sorry state for a fine drink that is worth a shot. It is a favoured beer in Sri Lanka and Special brew when consumed very cold offers a hint of sweet malt, caramel and spices.