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Updated by Linked Fitness on Feb 07, 2018
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Top 7 Running Motivational Articles to Get You Started

Top 7 Running Motivational Articles to Get You Started

Are you struggling to start running? Do you make excuses up as to why you can go for that run? Taking the first steps is always the hardest. The following list will give the a collection of 7 articles from around the web to get you inspired to start running.

The 12 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

The benefits of healthy habits spill over into a better life beyond running, too. Here are 12 healthy habits the most highly motivated runners develop, with expert advice on how to make them your own.

Follow these everyday tips for a fitter, healthier, and happier new you.

101 Kicks in the Butt

You have 100 reasons for losing motivation to run. But we can top 'em with tips, inspiring quotes, and more. Pick your fix. Repeat as necessary.

Hate Running? 25 Ways to Learn to Love It - Life by Daily Burn

Whether you’re a total beginner intimidated to take those first steps or you’ve recently taken a wrong turn straight into a running rut, we’re here to help you get moving in the right direction. That’s why we asked Feller and some of our other favorite running bloggers and coaches, to share their best tips for finding fun on the run.

9 Ways to Get Motivated to Run

If you've never run before, turning off the TV and getting of the couch might be challenging. These tips will help get you motivated and progress from a couch potato to a race runner in no time while having fun. Rise above the excuses and start running today with these nine motivational tips for beginners. Defining why you want to become healthier is step one.

8 Tips for Running When You Don’t Feel Like It

First of all, you don’t have to feel like doing it. You just have to do it. The action comes before the feeling. If you wait to feel like it, you may be waiting a long time.

How to Motivate Yourself to Run | Pro Runner Anna Weber | Linked Fitness

Running Motiviational Tips from Elite Runner

Running is a great way to stay in shape and the best part is that it is accessible to everyone. It is inexpensive, does not necessitate a gym membership, can be performed virtually anywhere, and requires no skill or athletic background. All that a runner needs is a good pair of running shoes and motivation.

However, taking that first step out the door is often the hardest, especially when starting a running program for the first time. Anna Weber, an elite runner and member of Oiselle’s Haute Volée team, gives us some advice on how to motivate yourself to run.

How to Motivate Yourself to Run Regularly

Whether you have just started running or you're an experienced runner, there will be times when you lack the motivation to get out there and exercise, despite the benefits it brings. This article suggests a number of ways to bring back the enthusiasm, to ease into it, and to ensure that you stay motivated to run on a regular basis.