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Information Evaluation Learning Experiences

10 Examples of Great Brand Journalism — First Page

Sites with opinionated content that looks factual


Ask for Evidence | Working out what’s reliable evidence

Some basic insights and questions to ask about the quality and reliability of evidence.

#BotSpot: Twelve Ways to Spot a Bot – DFRLab – Medium

Some tricks to identify fake Twitter accounts

COORA: ReadWriteThink: on the Internet: Evaluating Web Pages for a Class Collection

Students use Internet search engines and Web analysis checklists to evaluate online resources then write annotations that explain how and why the resources will be valuable to the class.

CORA: Evaluating the Interwebz with Designated Skeptics

This is a short, engaging activity suitable for learners of all levels. In it, students evaluate web sources that are provided by an instructor using the acronym CRAAP (currency, relevance, accuracy, authority, and purpose). Students work together in groups and explore evaluation processes aloud, with guidance from the CRAAP cards and the instructor. This is an adaptation of various evaluating sources activities available in LIS literature and professional resources. This activity is ideally implemented as a kind of collaborative game moderated by the instructor. It is highly adaptable.

CORA: Fact Checking Pro

This resource and accompanying assignment focuses on evaluating news sources/claims and were used in an online information literacy class.

Credible Seeing Site: Medical Daily

Getting up to move around, depending on the direction you walk, could help or hurt your ability to do math.

Credible Seeming Site: ISOGG Wiki

Site to evaluate.

EasyBib Blog:Evaluating Sources -

Research involves critical thinking and evaluation skills in order to select credible and appropriate sources. These lessons provide strategies and tips to doing so. The CRAAP Method of Evaluating Credibility Evaluating Website Credibility Evaluating a Speaker’s Arguments Infographic: Website Credibility Determining Purpose Determining the Author’s Purpose Determining a Speaker’s Purpose Video …

Evidence Analysis & Synthesis

Three Lessons:
-Analysis of evidence from a single source
-Evaluating the credibility and relevancy of sources found online
-Synthesizing and analyzing corroborating and contradictory evidence from multiple sources on the same subject

Exercise for awareness: facts, feelings, and changing your mind

Are they open to changing their opinions if faced with contrary facts? Today we offer a class exercise – ready for you to d…

Experience Play: Idea for making an Info Eval game using Twine

This session will be spent outlining and storyboarding out game ideas. During this planning phase, we will focus on the scope and scale of each game and develop what experiences we want players to …

Facing History: Confirmation and Other Biases

Students define explicit, implicit, and confirmation bias, and examine why people sometimes maintain their beliefs in the face of contradictory information.