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The Ultimate Top 5 Drones Under £100

Drones used to be associated with the shadier side of the military and dystopic sci-fi films. However, recent advancements in technology have allowed reductions in the weight and cost of drone parts, leading to a massive surge in their availability and popularity. With so many drones on the market, it can be a minefield selecting one that is both good value and high quality. So, for those who are new to multi-rotors, here are the top drones under £100:


The new release from Air Hogs is for all the stunt drone lovers out there. This quadcopter is designed for speed and manoeuvrability, perfect for performing its three in-built stunt abilities the flip, barrel roll and 180 flip. It is perfect for beginners as it is built to resist crashes with ducted fans to protect the blades and light-weight, yet durable foam-bodywork.

The Helix X4 is relatively small for a stunt quadcopter and does not feature a camera as it is built for those who want to have fun, rather than serious hobbyists. Instead, it has state-of-the-art technology, which its creators claim is almost comparable to military-style designs. It is so agile and fun to use that you would struggle to remember to take pictures anyway.

This drone is quick, nimble and can take a battering that other models simpy could not withstand. It is designed for speed and stunt enthusiasts who will love its built-in abilities and quick reactions.

*Specifications *
Type: Quadcopter
Dimensions: 36 x 31 x 8 cm
Flight time: 10 minutes
Charge time: 80 minutes




The Hubsan H107c+ Altitude Mini Quad is the latest addition to the Hubsan X4 micro quadcopter line-up and the third model in the range. Like its predecessor, the H107C+ has a camera but the resolution is improved to 720P video/2MP stills from the H107’s 0.3MP, it also features a bigger battery, complete body redesign, and last but certainly not least, altitude hold.

Hubsan products are more expensive than other drones on the market, yet this is offset by their unrivalled attention to detail and exceptional high quality in the drone industry. This can be seen in very techy feel of the new H107C+’s aesthetics. It also flies beautifully with the altitude hold keeping it steady in the air while not affecting its ability to flip, which is rare in drones with this feature. The H107C+ can also be flown in light winds and will still land if the current gets too high.

The H107C+ is a great all-rounder with an altitude hold feature in a class of its own relative to recent similar models and a pretty decent camera. It can handle light winds and is beautifully designed, it is altogether a very competitive package for anyone looking for a micro drone.

Type: Quadcopter
Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 38mm
Camera: wide angle / 2MP stills / HD 720P video
Flight time: 6 to 8 minutes
Charging time: about 80 minutes

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider (£50-£80)

The Parrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone appears at first glance to be no different than other mini quadcopters in its class. However, despite an unassuming exterior, it has a variety of features that set it out from the rest. Its unusual name derives from its clip-on wheel attachments, which allow it to be used indoors to speed along the floor, climb walls and even ceilings.

The Rolling Spider has a unique feature in that it can be controlled from an app downloadable to smart phones and tablets. This means that you can choose your own control pad and set your preference for acceleration and climbing rates as well as giving it an artificial ceiling. It also has an array of on-board sensors which allow it to stabilise and land with more grace than its competitors.

This drone is easy to use and a lot of fun for beginners and intermediate drone users. The experts may complain that it lacks complexity but for anyone else it is one of the most enjoyable drones around.

Type: Quadcopter
Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 3.81cm
Camera: 3MP/ HD
Flight time: 8-9 minutes
Charge time: 90 minutes

SYMA X5C (£40 - £50)

The Syma x5c is incredibly cheap and yet is still on the larger side than other quadcopters in its price range and even includes an HD camera. Though nearly 25 cm in length, it is still light weight and durable making it incredibly easy to fly and thus perfect for the newest of converts to drone fanaticism.

Its significantly low price does mean that it does not pack the punch that other more expensive drones do in terms of power. Where some users may complain that it is too tame, this is ideal for newbies for whom sensitive controls and quick reactions can be overwhelming. The camera visuals are not great and there is no stabilisation, but at this price you cannot really complain.

The Syma x5c is perfect for first timers or those who are new to larger drones as it is easy to control and cheap as chips. What it lacks in camera resolution and speed though, it makes up for in ease of use and value.

Type: Quadcopter
Dimensions: 31cm x 31cm x 8cm
Camera: 2MP/720P HD integrated
Flight time: 6-9 minutes
Charge time: 100 minutes


X SERIES 2.4 DRONE (£70)

X SERIES 2.4 DRONE (£70)

Credit: John Lewis

The X Series 2.4 is larger than most drones in its class, featuring a six-axis gyroscope and a 3D eversion, which are reflected in this drone's super smooth handling and surprising ease of control. Its size allows the X Series to also incorporate an HD camera and a 4GB micro SD.

This drone is great, not just for beginners but also for those with a little more skill. It’s around twice the size of a regular toy drone but more agile and easier to navigate both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the remote is very like a PlayStation controller, so you can quickly familiarise yourself with the controls. Once you have mastered the basics, you can take The X series further with pre-programed acrobatics.

The X Series 2.4 is big yet agile and very enjoyable for use by anyone regardless of experience. It is a great buy for someone who is new to drones and wants to practice or for more experienced flyers. It also has an HD camera which takes great photos, awesome for a day in the park.

Type: Quadcopter
Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 7cm
Camera: 2MP/720P HD integrated
Flight time: 8 minutes
Charge time: 60 minutes