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Articles For Changing Academic Day Length

Would a change in the amount of time children attend school improve the country's academic performance? This list contains articles promoting the shorter school day, promoting the longer school day, and even give opinions on both sides of the issue. If you had a choice, what would you choose for America's children?

Why Students Need Shorter School Days

Are kids caring less about school because they are forced to spend too much time in school? This teenager shares their reasoning and suggests a change.

Should school days be shorter?

Share your educational opinions with others and debate about whether or not school days should be shorter or longer.

Shortening the School Day

Shortening of the school day is a topic that has been discussed recently within legislative bodies, due at least in part to growing financial concerns. However, there are advantages and disadvantages ...

Reasons Why the School Day Should Be Shorter

This article takes a look at the suggested shorter school days from every angle. From explaining how students would enjoy classes better to showing how teachers would be healthier, they show the benefits of shorter school days.

Reasons and Solutions: Why Students Need Shorter Days

Students spend seven or more hours a day in school. While this may not seem much, teenagers are saying the amount of time is very stressful and consumes most of their days.

Shortened school weeks: The pros and cons

Whether it's later start times or a four-day school week, some institutions have made large changes as a way to boost achievement. This article takes a peek at the results of shortening the academic school week.

Should the school day be made shorter?

Many schools in England are choosing to make their teaching day shorter, after being given the power to change their timetables. This and more in this new report.

Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?

Here a long and short school day is compared tol answer the question “Should the school years be longer but the days shorter?” By looking at the positives and negatives of each option, this article give information that could lead to a possible conclusion of this issue.

11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”.

This article expounds upon how Finland's education system is outshining other countries by making more out of less. They spend less time, have less teachers, and start school at a later age. These along with many other practices are showing how less truly is more when it comes to education.

10 Telling Studies Done on Longer School Days

With test scores faltering in many school districts and American students lagging behind their counterparts in other countries around the world, education reform has become a hot topic of late. One of the ways many school districts are looking to improve their grades and test scores is by lengthening the school day, with the idea that more time at school means more time that teachers can work with and educate students. This article looks at the results, the positives and negatives, of lengthening the school day.

Breakdown of School Days in Austrailia

This is an in depth study about the school day in Australia. They look at how longer and shorter school days affect grades and students.

Kids Do Better With Four-Day School Weeks

Three-day weekends for everyone, please. This article explores the many positives of a four day school week, including better grades.

What a difference a day makes: the argument for a four-day school week

A study suggests giving students an extra day off improves learning. It could also be a step in the right direction for teacher workloads

Does a shorter week help kids with their learning?

Some public schools have switched to a four-day school week. What does it change?

A 4-day school week to boost scores? New report says yes

Will a shorter school week help kids learn? The answer may surprise you.

Schools say goodbye to the long summer

Educators have sometimes likened a school year to running a marathon. A balanced calendar may offer more chances to rest and refuel—enabling a strong effort in the next leg of the race.

Educators at Some High Schools Tout Benefits of 4-Day Week

Budget cuts are furthering the idea of the four-day school week. This has had unexpected positive consequences ranging from improved academics to more travel time for athletic programs.

Teens Need Later Start to School Day, Doctors Group Says

High schools and middle schools should begin the day no earlier than 8:30 a.m. to help teenagers get more sleep, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in its first policy statement on the issue. To read the full article create an account!

Adults Love the Four-Day School Week. Is It Good for the Kids?

Initially, the four-day school week was pushed by parents and administrators due to costs. Now, teachers and students are claiming that the resulting three-day weekend has helped them in grades and preparation for the week ahead.

After the school day in Finland, play and more play

Finland made a splash in U.S. education circles several years ago after its students consistently posted top scores on international tests. Is this due to their shorter academic days and their increased play and activity time?

Time to Learn: Benefits of a Longer School Day

This is a discussion of extended day success stories in public schools throughout the country, the impact on teachers and families, and benefits for English language learners and children with learning disabilities.

Longer school days mean better grades, studies say

Studies show that when a school day is lengthened, students perform better. Test scores have even improved up to 24%!

A 9 to 5 School Day: Are Longer Hours Better for Students and Educators?

As longer school days become more popular, educators are making sure that additional time is more than just change for change's sake. Academic achievement has soared following this change!

Pros vs. Cons of Extended School Days

Year after year, many U.S. schoolchildren fall short of meeting the benchmarks for basic achievement at their grade level. Could a change to a longer day be the solution? This article looks at both sides of the argument.

Will a longer school day really make our children smarter?

Will staying put at school falling the closing bell really improve academic achievement? While some parents are excited about the extra time for their children and for teenager supervision, others claim longer school days are detrimental to students individuality. Could the answer even be in shorter academic days and more extracurricular activities?

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