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What is Cyberbullying?

This is the government's page to what cyber-bullying may be described as now days. It obtains very useful tips as to stopping cyber-bullying, how to identify the issue and the steps used to prevent cyberbullying.

Stand Up to Cyberbullying

You can help stop cyberbullies by standing up for yourself or someone else. This video shows the importance of making people aware of the issue which is cyberbullying.

BrainPOP- Cyberbullying

In this educational animated movie about Technology learn about bullying, computer messaging, chatting, and the Internet. With this fun and educational video, students can become aware of this big problem which happens all virtually.

Pres. Obama MTV - Cyberbullying

President Obama is questioned by a bullied victim and speaks of ways and regulations that may need to be implemented to stop cyberbullying and all other forms of bullying.

Prevent Cyberbullying

Learn about safe ways for parents and kids to use technology. This website is for the specific purpose of showing multiple ways both the parent and the child can prevent cyberbullying and prevent being cyberbullied.

Who is at Risk

Learn what factors increase the risk of children being bullied or children more likely to bully others and what warning signs can indicate that bullying may be happening. We all know prejudice is still around and now even more than ever, this site helps you see which people may be more at risk and may be more likely to be bullied than others.




This is a very simple but very important picture. It speaks out in many different ways about the importance of thinking before acting. Or even posting something mean you might regret for the rest oof yopur life online.

How Should Schools Handle Cyberbullying?

Affronted by cyberspace’s escalation of adolescent viciousness, many parents are looking to schools for justice, protection, even revenge. A very important article on The New York Times which states how schools should be doing something about cyberbullying.

End to Cyber Bullying Organization - End to Cyber Bullying Organization (ETCB)

Bullying is no longer about the strong picking on the weak. Bullying has been replaced by a 24 hour per day, seven days a week online monster. This monster has a name – cyberbullying. With the increasing expansion of Instant Messaging, emails, chat rooms, blogging, and websites, the issue of cyberbullying is growing at a grotesque rate. Children, teenagers, and even adults that interact via social networking, all have fallen prey to cyberbullying — whether they’ve witnessed cyberbullying or experienced it first hand, they all bear testimony to the damage done by cyberbullies. Cyberbullying is certainly real, and can be infinitely more painful.

Eyes on Bullying

Cyberbullying is a growing form of bullying that is especially hard to see. Cyberbullying involves sending or posting hurtful, embarrassing, or threatening text or images using the Internet, cell phones, or other digital communication devices. Using these technologies, cyberbullies can reach a wide group of people very quickly. Their goal: to damage their victim’s reputation and friendships.


Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person. Here are some suggestions on what to do if online bullying has become part of your child's life. This website has different tabs you can press for parents, teens, and kids and the website modifies to your needs.

A School Tackles Cyberbullying

This video shows a school, Facing History School, coming together in New York City, New York discussing various tips and tricks they can use for when dealing with cyberbullying. They all come together as one and tackle it together.

The Top Six Unforgettable CyberBullying Cases Ever | NoBullying - Bullying & CyberBullying Resources

The truth behind 6 disturbing cyberbullying cases that turned into suicide stories...Wikipedia defines cyberbullying as, "Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. According to U.S. Legal Definitions, Cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.


Bullying worksheet

Bullying worksheet

This is a great worksheet for students of a younger age, maybe during a bullying awareness week the school may hold or something of that sort.

2015 Anti-Bullying Video

This video is to inspire anyone and everyone who has ever been or is being bullied that it happends to anyone. Even celebrities. It shows that you too can rise and grow stronger from that experience. And maybe even insipre you to speak out like these celebrities have.

When you have to deal with bullies 😊

Adorable video which will make almost anyone want to cry. Even though it may send a message of "bullying may be worth it for the one you love" it shouldnt be taken that way at all. Just an adorable video to show the STANDING UP to the bullies may be worth it for someone you love.


Join the NO MATTER™ campaign to STOMP Out Bullying and Cyberbullying. We are all the same, NO MATTER™ who you are! Not only are there self-awarness websites and pages for cyberbullying but for physical bullying as well!

President Obama Releases Anti-bullying Message

President Barack Obama said he was "shocked and saddened" by the recent suicides of several young people who were bullied and taunted for being gay. This video is not only speaking for the LBGT community but for everyone who feels left out and lonely. He inpires people to "reach out".

Bullying In Public Social Experiment

EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG! A guy named Jeremy Nelson, who lives in Denver Colorado, did a social experiment about bullying in public. They wanted to see what people would do and both him and his partner gained some tragic results. Watch to see what happens in the experiment!

Bullying: Will Teen Boys Speak Up? || STEVE HARVEY

Steve & Dr. Drew Pinsky Tackle Teen Bullying. A hidden camera bullying experiment with Teen Boys in the “Steve Harvey” offices tests what teens will do when one of their peers is being bullied right in front of their eyes.

Bullying: Will Teen Girls Speak Up? || STEVE HARVEY

Steve & Dr. Drew Pinsky Tackle Teen Bullying. A hidden camera bullying experiment with Teen Girls. Two actresses are hired for the experiment. One is supposed to bully the other and they capture the other teen girl's reaction to the whole situation.


Mean Girls

Mean Girls

This quote is from a very classic and iconic movie titled "Mean Girls". Based on a somewhat true story and a very real book the movie speaks out about societal cliques in high school and how some may cliques may think they are better than the other cliques around school.

Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying

Curriculum Resources Address Identifying, Confronting and Stopping Bullying from the education side. Most of the websites out there are for preventing bullying from the parental side or peer side but not really from the teaching side.




Here's a website which leads you to many anti-bullying educational games to make learning about bullying and prevent bullying in a fun manner. There are crossword game puzzles and 'the what happens next game' which both are excitingly fun.

Anti Bullying Activities

Find and save ideas about Anti bullying activities on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas. There are over 1000 plus activities about bullying and cyberbullying on pinterest. They range from lesson plans to worksheet activities and even cool games.