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Updated by Colette Anton on Feb 16, 2017
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Best Mobile Devices for Taking Photos

Ever wonder if you're really buying the best camera phone on the market? Read on and find out if your phone is truly of the highest quality!




Google makes phones now? What? I'm supposed to be from this generation, but I guess I haven't been that up on technology. From my research, users found this to be the number one phone on the market right now for taking photos. But, just like everything good in this world, there are some downsides. See pros and cons below:

Pros: Great for speed photos, works in both well and dimly lit areas, produces incredibly clear images
Cons: Not great for photos involving water or any kind of liquid, the screen is difficult to see in sunny situations

Regardless, the Google Pixel Phone is surely top notch and though admittedly, pretty expensive, the great quality photos are sure to be worth your money!




Ahh, iPhones! My tried and true favorites. As an iPhone owner, I can attest that the quality of photos is pretty impeccable. For the most part, iPhone users agree with me, although the iPhone 7 does bring up some new challenges:

Pros: Widely considered THE BEST point-and-shoot camera on the market, completely water-resistant, and models carry up to 256 GB of storage for avid phone photographers
Cons: No headphone jack included and the cost may be more than some people can afford

So in conclusion, the iPhone 7 is GREAT for a point and shoot camera (which is really all you can ask from a quality camera phone) but is incredibly expensive and comes without a headphone jack :( If you're a veteran iPhone user, this is a good choice, but make sure to weigh the features and price before you slide your card so you know you're buying the phone for its assets and not just because it's from the Apple company.




The fabled Samsung Galaxy s7. For those Android promoters out there, this phone is everything one could hope for. A sleek display, improved features, and most importantly, a great new camera. But if you're thinking there must be NOTHING wrong with this "phone of the gods", don't forget to read the cons below before you buy:

Pros: long battery life, for long photo-taking adventures, has an SD card storage, water resistant for water photography
Cons: front facing camera leaves selfies feeling plastic and unnatural, becomes reflective in the sun which can make changing the settings annoying and difficult

Hmm, what a catch 22! Personally, the long battery life is one of the most appealing things in a phone to me, but the lower quality of selfies is disappointing (also I boycott Androids, but that's not for today's discussion). If you're someone who doesn't care as much for the front camera, this phone sounds like a great purchase for you. For an avid selfie-taking teen like myself, not so much.




I know what you're thinking while reading this...HauWHAT? I've never heard of you before, phone! It's your lucky day if so because this phone is a catch:

Pros: the camera is dual lens which makes for great quality photos, pictures end up looking sleek when put through a black and white filter, the phone is very portable and easy to carry with you
Cons: the screen resolution is low which makes it difficult to critically examine photos unless you export them to another viewing device, the high cost doesn't quite balance the quality of the camera

Okay, not perfect, but what in life is? The phone promises quality pictures -and delivers- but to really see the photos, you have to put them on a computer. Personally, I'm very bad at backing up my photos on my computer, so this phone would not be for me. If you're someone who has your life together, then I highly recommend.




A foreign phone, how interesting! The Sony Xperia isn't a name you hear everyday. Luckily I'm here to share its assets and how it can make your wildest dreams come true:

Pros: user friendly camera, very easy to navigate, good for quick shooting of photos, good price for a quality camera
Cons: battery life isn't as impressive, so not recommended for long photo trips and the fingerprint lock isn't included in the US versions (meaning that quick access to your phone isn't as speedy as it would be on other devices)

If navigating technology isn't your forte, this phone is a great bet for you. With an ergonomic set-up, the camera is easy to use and produces great pictures. But unless you're planning on going on your photo adventure close to home, this might not be the ideal mobile device. With a shorter battery life and no fingerprint lock, time can get in the way of capturing moments right when they happen.

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