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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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05 Things to Consider on Selecting a Personal Trainer – Fitness at its Finest

You can always go for a jog in the park but nothing quite compares to fitness with a personal trainer. Ideal to get rid of problems unique to your body there is no better or quicker way to get in shape.


Identify your problem areas

It is not rocket science to figure out what's wrong with your body. Stand in front of the mirror and voila you will notice every bump - and if you are a lady, every bit of cellulite making a home under your skin! Don't be in denial, even if you have been in shape all your life if you notice the scale saying otherwise you probably are depositing this fat somewhere. Use measuring tapes and standard dress sizes to identify where you are going out of shape.


Figure out what works for you

It is true that you may not know as much as your personal trainer when it comes to exercises types, but you will certainly know your body better than anyone else does. If you suffer from quick aches and pains and your joints act up with a little too much exertion make a note of it all. You also need to figure out if cardio works better than weights or if you have any special routine that somehow helps you shed the pounds. Always keep in mind that what works for you may not exactly work for another, so know your body and test your endurance.


Meet your personal trainer before commencing

If you want your personal training to work, you need to like or at least trust your trainer. There should definitely be a sense of comfort between you and your trainer. And the biggest requirement is that they absolutely must motivate you. Some like their motivation harsh and others like it laced with empathy. Make sure what your trainer brings to the table is what you expect from them.


Observe their personal level of fitness

A fit looking trainer will most likely have the tips required to create such a body. If they know how to get there and are dedicated to maintaining shape, it is unlikely that they will present an alternative appearance. In addition to this, their appearance alone would work as a constant motivator and every time you see them you would aspire to become like them.


Make sure they can work according to your terms

You may be a morning person or you may be a night person but that does not matter as long as you do what works best for you. Make sure your personal trainer understands your needs and is agreeable to work according to your preferences. Sometimes training is best undertaken at home and that is one the reasons well-known fitness specialists such as First Class Personal Training started personalized programmes like the in-home personal training in Toronto. People are usually comfortable to push their limits at home and do not suffer from self consciousness that is usually a problem in public areas. If you prefer working out from the comfort of your home make sure your trainer is up for this.