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Scuba Diving Accessories - Checklist for Breathing Underwater

As alluring as the beautiful world below water is, you can only enjoy it to the maximum if you are properly equipped. So here is a list of must-have items when you are scuba diving.



Your vision underwater will not be at its best without a mask. The underwater masks have a rubber fitting around it for snug fitting. Make sure that it is not too loose or too tight before you dive right in.



The regulator is what allows you to draw oxygen from the cylinder on your back. It takes practice to learn how to properly control the regulator, so make sure that you attend a training in advance. Many resorts that are located at diving spots like Anantara Veli Maldives Resort have such training.



Whether you want a wetsuit or a drysuit is determined by the temperature of the water. If you have seen brochures advertising Maldives Water Sports, you would notice the divers wearing wetsuits. However, divers in the UK usually wear dry suits due to colder water.


Buoyancy Compensation Device

Commonly referred to as the BCD, this is used make sure that you neither float nor sink when under water. It is also the BCD that allows you to dive in, and when the time is up, to float back to the surface.


Weight Belt

The weight belt is what will keep you from floating back to the surface involuntarily. These can be worn as a separate unit. However, some BCDs are equipped with pockets to carry the weights in.



Fins allow you to move and turn underwater with an ease that is usually impossible. It is important that your fins fit you perfectly, to avoid chaffing or suddenly losing one with a strong kick. There are two types of fins – full foot fins and boot fins.



The gauges are a set of readers that provide you vital information about your dive. This information includes the amount of oxygen left in your tank, the depth at which you are, the temperature of the water, and usually includes a compass. Some gauges come as an all-in-one meter, while some other divers prefer to have different gauges for different indicators.


Dive computer

The dive computer is easily the most important equipment to a layman. It tells you how long you have spent underwater, and how longer you can spend before having to rise to the surface. Unlike the other devices, the dive computer is easily readable and has a screen that can be clearly read underwater.



A torch is essential for deep water diving. The further down you dive, the less natural light that would filter in, making the shapes and creatures look eerie. These torches are different from a regular torch, though, in that the light does not harm the corals or disturb the sea creatures. The torch is usually attached to a band that is worn around your head.