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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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10 Safety Tips when Engaging in Outdoor Watersports - A Guide to Riding Safely in Phuket

The last thing you want during your Phuket vacation is to meet with an accident that could easily have been prevented. This article is to help you tick off safety measures before taking the plunge.


Learn to swim

The basic of any water based sports activity is knowing how to swim. This will give you the necessary confidence to take to the waters, as well as prevent a number of possible accidents. Swimming is a good skill to learn for both adults as well as children.


Wear a life jacket

A life jacket is a must, even if you are a pro swimmer. Most of the water-based accidents occurred because the victim was not wearing a life jacket or a floatation device. Make sure that your life jacket fits you perfectly, and is neither too small nor too big for you.


Do not go solo

Even if it is surfing or the like which is a solo activity, try to have someone tag along with you. If you do not have a friend or family on vacation with you, have a few people who are there to see the attractions in Phuket know your whereabouts. It helps to have someone on the lookout for you, in case something goes wrong.


Prepare properly

Find out the preparation required for your activity and follow the instructions to the dot. This could mean not having a meal two hours prior or ticking off a list of items that you should have attached to your wetsuit when diving. Whatever they are, triple check if you have done/taken everything.


Use proper gear

When you are out in the water, the gear plays a large role in your survival. Make sure that the gear you use is in optimal condition. If you are a guest at a high-end hotel like Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, you need not worry as the hotel staff store and maintain all the gear. However, if you are renting some or bringing them from home, a thorough check before taking to the water is mandatory.


Stick to your plan

If you are doing an activity as a group, sit and make a plan that everyone is comfortable with. Once you have a plan, make sure you stick to it, no matter what. As the divers say, "Plan your dive, and dive your plan" to avoid mishaps.


Watch the kids

Children are more susceptible to accidents merely because they cannot understand the depth of a situation. As adults in the group, make sure that someone always has an eye on the younger members of your group at all times.


Listen to the weather

If one thing can derail all your meticulous planning, it is the weather. Listen to the forecast and obey the instructions. Locals know the sea and its perils better than any tourist ever could.


Learn basic first aid

Before you take to the water, learn the basic first aid including CPR. You need to learn how to save a drowning person, and how to bandage a wound before facing the great blue sea.


Abstain from alcohol

No matter how often you have done a water sport, do not go into the water after consuming alcohol. It can numb your senses, and slow down thinking during an emergency.