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Updated by Paul Hugh O'Mahony on Sep 18, 2017
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Audioboos Made & Loved Today (1) - Mon 2 July 2012

All the Audioboos published & loved by @omaniblog = Paul O'Mahony (Cork)

There are 2 elements - equally important
(1) Self-made audioboos
(2) Audioboos made by others

Eventually there will be a List of Lists...

First of a series of Lists - an experiment in curation...
(Private "DM" Boos are not included)

Audioboo / Crazy conversation with Jane Boyd (one-sided) #45conversations @janeboyd

(20 mins) Recorded during live Google Hangout linking Vancouver Canada with Cork Ireland) - You hear only one side of the conversation (the Cork Ireland side) - there are long bits of silence... #45conversations

Audioboo / EmilyBoo: The Tooth Fairy will visit tonight by @rogeroverall

Emily aged 7 describes how the Tooth Fairy operates #toothfairy

Audioboo / #45Conversations Begins by @boydjane

This is an introduction to the #45Conversations project that I am trying to make happen from July 1 to July 4, 2012.

Audioboo / The Tour de France into Tournai today by @omaniblog

Recorded in a bathroom in Cork Ireland - my great client @inhandguides has produced an audio guide to Tournai in time for the arrival of Le Tour de France there.
This audio celebrates the occasion #business #client #tourism #customerservice #inhandguides #belgium

Audioboo / Summer Camp Drama - omanidot in Glanmire Community College "Let's Go" - by @omaniblog

The sound of a father leaving his only daughter off to a Summer Camp (M-F 9:30-15:30) in Ireland - sound of #omanidot objecting to Audioboo - sound of relief at the end - as the parent leaves the 6 year old child

Audioboo / End of day audio review & message - by @omaniblog

Recorded while #walkingthedog back home after walk with @rogeroverall
- review of highlights of the day

Audioboo / Update on iPhone saga.. questions from @Omaniblog - by @macolgan

An update on how my iPhone replacement went, how it was damaged. And other relevant information on protective equipment and insurances - fine print !

Audioboo / The Flinch & The Great Dish Break - by @boydjane

This audio was recorded as part of a recent education session that I facilitated. We used Julien Smith's eBook The Flinch as the basis for the workshop. In the book, Julien suggests breaking a coffee cup (among other things) as a way to understand and identify your own personal reaction when you face something that truly challenges or scares you - to know what it feels like to really "flinch". As a group, we decided to break a few dishes in a parking lot (which we of course cleaned up after!) Together, we learned first hand the power of identifying and pushing through fears. We also learned a lot about how The Flinch can be present in all areas of our lives - work, play, family, self development, sports, hobbies etc. Without a doubt, this was one of the most rewarding sessions that I have had the pleasure of being part of in recent years. You can download The Flinch for free here -

(Anything by @julien interests me - after Trust Agents co-written with @chrisbrogan. But "The Flinch" hit me as the best anti-procrastination thing I've ever found - so psychologically sophisticated - POM)

Audioboo / Cafe Beva is up off it's knees - by @omaniblog

Recorded Monday 2 July 2012 in #cafebeva - my local cafe in Glanmire Cork - first visit after recent flooding

Audioboo / Two dogs, two men, two mouths...

I feel you should include this unique "old friends" conversation :) Tuesday night #walkingthedog with @rogeroverall - free-ranging raw conversation
- until iPhone battery died.
Part 2 was recorded by Roger