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Updated by Golf Overnight on Jun 13, 2017
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Golf Knowledge and News

Essential Reasons Why Golfing Is Crucial For Doing Business

Golfing provides world-class networking for trading partners. Their main aim is to meet with other business oriented individuals and this the great place to meet with top managers in the world love golfing. Here explanation of the essential reasons why golfing is crucial for doing business.

4 Reasons Why Tiger Woods Career is Over | Golf Overnight

During the 2000s, Tiger Woods was one of the greatest golfers in the world & the highest-paid athletes for several years. He participated in global tournaments and made the impossible things in the game of golf seem simple. Here know more Reasons Why Tiger’s Career is over.

The 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Myrtle Beach for Golf Vacation | Golf Overnight

One of the top destinations in the world for golfers is at the Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina. Local and foreign tourists gather at the beach to have fun and to play golf during their vocational periods, Myrtle Beach is one of the best and safe beaches, Here Golfer come to make a Golf vacation with their family, List of the top 5 hotels in Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina.

Golf Balls That Will Offer You Value For Money | Golf Overnight

Picking a Golf ball that fits your style is to find what you value most in your shot. You want to ensure that you spend just enough without compromising on the quality. Here we are explaining which Golf ball is for the money right now.

List Of Different Golf Putter Types Arranged By Design | Golf Overnight

Putter technology has recently begun to advance at the same rate as golf balls. New types of designing are changing the way golf is will have noticed that the putter is the most used club in pro tournaments, Here are some of the latest putter designs you should know.

The Top 7 Famous Golf Reports for Couples in America | Golf Overnight

Most people who go on golfing vacations do so as buddies. That means they go to golf resorts as all male or all female bands for a relaxing weekend. However, these trips are not the only way to have a great golfing vacation. Are you planning for Golf trip on America’s best destination? Here are the Top 7 Golf Reports that couples should take, which have prepared.

10 Things not to do When Improving your Golf Swing | Golf Overnight

Golf requires maximum concentration to enable the trainee to thrive. The article below explains ten things that you should always avoid when improving your golf swing. If you avoid them, you will improve your swing which will make you a better player.

The Finest Resorts for a Relaxing Golf Weekend with the Kids

Taking young kids to a golf course can be quite stressful. There is a certain etiquette required at golf courses, which young kids have a hard time understanding. The result is that taking the kids along can be quite distracting. Thus, it is important to choose a resort that is friendly to kids. Here are some of the finest resorts for a relaxing golf weekend with the kids.

Are you Golfing with Your Boss? Remember 10 Things

If you are paying golf with your Boss, it can be an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bond with him, but remember 10 things to never say to your boss when golfing.Read more...

The Top 6 Golf Resorts For Families To Visit

If you are planning for Golf vacation with your family, So Here are the top 6 best family-friendly golf resorts for you. Choose one of them and make your weekend stressful.

USGA and PGA Rules for Golf ball manufacture

USGA and PGA Manufacture Rules - Here is an explanation of the key things that the manufacturers should ensure that they observe when designing golf balls.

List of Top 8 Golf Summer Camp for Kids- Golf Overnight Recommends

Summer vacation- This is the right time to learn something new for kids. And golf is the best sports to play, Find golf courses created specifically for kids. Here is the list of top camps for kids to learn golf that Golf Overnight recommends.

Playing Golf with Boss- 10 things shouldn’t come out of your mouth

Great opportunity when you are playing golf with your boss, But you need to remember few things necessary, it is better to remain silent or speak as f

Top 8 Romantic Golf Resorts for Vacation | Golf Overnight

You want to be able to play golf while also ensuring that your partner enjoys themselves too. Here are a top Romantic Golf Resorts for Vacation that can help you strike the perfect balance.

Top 5 Perfect Family Vacation Cruises for Golfer

After working for the whole year, For your next vacation holiday, you should consider visiting one of these cruises to enjoy golfing and other activities. The resorts above are the best because they offer reliable and consistent services throughout the year. Remember always to use Golf Overnight to transport your golf clubs.

The Top Reasons Why Golfers have Back Injuries | Golf Overnight

Back injuries are usually very uncomfortable and subject one to excruciating pain. By this article we are talking about some of the top reasons why golfers have back injuries.

Shipping Golf Clubs has Picked Up- 7 Reasons | Golf Overnight

Golf Clubs shipping trends increasing day by day. Because of private company offering reliable, flexible and affordable shipping services to their clients,here 7 major reason

Tiger Woods needs Many Records to Reach at Arnold Palmer Level

Woods is still confident about his abilities. For instance, with such a win it would help him to eclipse some of greatest legends of golf such as Arnold Palmer.

Reliable companies like Golf Overnight have cropped up to offer clients quality and affordable shipping services. The major reason to use such companies is that they understand their clients’ needs that a general courier company may not be able to fathom.

7 Hardest Golf Courses in the USA Based on Few Factors | Golf Overnight

Golf Overnight has decided upon these difficult golf courses. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have a breathtaking view. Many factors have been used in determining this list.

The Most Common Golf Injuries That Affect the Golfers

Golf Overnight cares about the welfare of the golfers globally. Here are the most frequent golf injuries that affect the golfers and hinder them from engaging in competitive games with their colleagues.

Handle Situation when you Play Golf with Someone You Hate

In some cases we need to play with that Golf partner we really hate him, that time it’s really important to know “How to Play Golf with Someone You Hate” Figuring out how to play golf with someone you hate can help you deal with such a situation and make your golfing session more fun. Few best tips suggested by Golf Overnight for Golfer.

How to Avoid Major Golf Scams? – Few Solutions | Golf Overnight

There are still numerous scams going on based on the golf industry. Here are a few solutions that recommends to avoid the major golf scams.

Do You Know 2017 Hottest Things in Golf ? | shipping Company

The golf legends of past years claim that the golfers of today should be better than those of the past. Players are able to improve their shot accuracy and the distance of their hits. Here are some of the hottest things in golf that Golf Overnight thinks you should know. They could help you to improve your game.

10 Helpful Steps to Plan Your Golf Vacation With Shipping Company

We always observed that Golfer always face problem when they travel for Golf vacation, quite a number of golfers prefer to travel with their clubs. However, it can be quite stressful to do that. so here are some fact you should keep in mind the next time you plan to ship your clubs abroad

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