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Updated by Joan Wokefield on Feb 14, 2017
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Why I Love the Ketogenic Diet for Women!

Keto Diet Oh How I Love Thee

My name is Joan and I am a freelance writer and a blogger. I am particularly interested in anything to do with health and I write my personal blog on the ketogenic diet for women - a way of eating I have been following for a while - and it's changed my life!

  • I've lost weight
  • I've got more energy
  • I sleep better
  • My acne is gone
  • I no longer think about food all the time
  • I love clothes shopping
  • I have learned loads of sugar free recipes
  • I can keep up with the kids
  • I feel happy all (most) of the time!



Beautiful Grassfed Butter!

Beautiful Grassfed Butter!
The Ketogenic Diet for Women - Making Keto Work for Women!

All about keto for women. Do ketosis diets work for us ladies (and not just bodybuilders)? Plus Ketogenic diet meal and menu plans for females.


So much energy!

So much energy!
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Ketogenic Diet for Women. 1,181 likes · 130 talking about this. Ketogenic Diet for Women is for all you ladies that are thinking about hopping on the...

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The latest Tweets from Joan Wokefield (@ketodiet4women). I share my experiences and what I've learned about eating keto when you're a women on my blog -

Keto Diet Grocery List - Keto Food List from Ketogenic Diet for Women

Here is my keto pantry! A list of my favourite keto foods to buy at the grocery store or online. These foods form the staples of my ketogenic diet.

Keto Articles

I remember the moment where it clicked… Fat doesn’t make you fat! Fat doesn’t cause all these terrible things like obesity, heart disease and the like. The real culprit is sugar! When I was growing up my mother and father were strong advocates of the low-fat ‘healthy’ lifestyle. We ate low-fat margarine, low-fat yoghurts, and…

10 Ways my Life has Changed for the Better Since Going Keto

I love the food I eat, and what’s more, sometimes I eat food from the non-keto list and it’s absolutely fine, I just hop straight back on the keto wagon afterwards.


Nobody likes that low, lethargic, bloated feeling that comes with being constipated. Here are my tips and fiber supplement recommendations if you are on a keto diet!

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Ketogenic is a writer in Leeds, United Kingdom. Visit Ketogenic’s website from their page.

The Best Keto Books - Recommended Keto Reading

This is a collection of the best ketogenic books that I would recommend if you are starting a keto diet or you want to learn more about the keto lifestyle

Recommended Keto Cookbooks - Best Ketogenic Recipe Books

Here are a few of my favourite cookbooks for the ketogenic diet. Some of my best recipes that I eat all the time come from these books!

How to Start the Ketogenic Diet - What You Need to Know

Starting keto for beginners. Find out how to start the ketogenic diet easily and quickly and avoid the pitfalls.

What are the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet? | Ketogenic Diet for Women

Learn about the benefits us ladies get from eating a keto diet & living in ketosis. From weight loss to hormone balancing, clear skin & boundless energy