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Best ways to take care of your Baby – A Precious Bundle

Caring for a newborn baby can be an overwhelming task. It's one that's filled with apprehension, wonder and of course lots of love. Here are few tips on how to give your baby the best of care.


How to Handle Your New Born

It is important to remember that babies have very little muscle support at the back of their necks. Due to this when picking up your newborn it is necessary to support the back of the neck with your open palm. A baby's neck muscles will start to strengthen by around the 3rd month; until then it is necessary to always place your palm at the base of the neck with fingers supporting the back of the head before picking up the infant.


Don't let the 'Soft Spot' Scare you off

A baby's skull does not fully fuse until about one and a half to two years. Due to this, there is a soft spot in the center of the head. Many new moms are filled with apprehension when it comes to touching baby on the soft spot. Not to worry, the membrane covering this area is extremely strong and allows you to brush baby's hair or even the touch the spot without any danger.


Do Not Shake Your Baby

Never shake your baby. The result could be brain damage, spine damage and may even result in death. Even in play, you should not shake the baby until he or she is older and muscles are fully developed. A crying baby can sometimes be overwhelming but even in these circumstances do not shake baby. Resist the urge to give into violent outburst and seek help by talking to a friend or family member.


Do not Stress Yourself Out

A new baby in the home is a lot of work and new moms generally find juggling baby work and house work a difficult task. A happy and stress-free mom is essential for the wellbeing of your baby. Only indulge in necessary housework; a pristine home is not expected of a mother with a baby at home. You will find that simple solution like shopping for grocery products online saves time and stress. Even baby formulas, baby food and essential baby care products are freely available at supermarkets offering online shopping similar to Keells Super.


Feeding Your Baby

A baby has a knack for letting you know when it's feed time. In time you will be able to differentiate between the hungry cry, sleepy cry, and just plain cranky cry. The frequency between feed times will vary on the quantity of milk baby has had and the metabolism of each individual child.


What to Feed your Baby

An infant will require breast milk or formula. Make sure this is all that baby is given until your pediatrician advises you to start baby on other food. Anything other than milk at the initial stage will result in baby choking or getting ill. Breast milk is considered the best at the initial stage due to it containing many nutritive values and immunities passed on from mom.

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