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Learn the Different Types of Golf Shots – The Arsenal of a Good Golfer

A number of different shots can be used in the game of golf. Depending on the desired outcome of the shot, skilled golfers will execute a number of different shots such as those described below.


Tee Shot

This is an important shot in golf as it is the initial shot made by a golfer when commencing a hole. The shot is generally made from the designated 'tee box' with the use of a tee (a small stand used to hold up the ball) permitted on this first shot. Golfers may use a number of different clubs to execute this shot depending on the hole's layout and the distance required. Additionally, a golfer may have a preference for using a certain club in this situation. For a Par 5 hole, most golfers will use the club known as the driver, which can strike the ball the farthest.


Fairway Shot

The fairway shot is similar in many ways to the tee shot. After you have executed your tee shot, the next shot will usually be from the fairway or the rough. If the fairway shot must travel a long distance a golfer will generally use wood or hybrid clubs whilst irons will be chosen for a shorter distance since greater accuracy may be gained by doing so. Irons will also typically be used when playing on a narrow fairway. To be a good golfer you must practice and achieve a competent fairway shot as it is part of the skill set of an expert golfer.


Approach Shot

An approach shot in golf is used when the objective is to position the ball on to the green so that it is placed as near the hole as possible. You will find that there are a number of different kinds of approach shots, like the flop shot, pitch shot and chip shot. Of these, a pitch shot is one which is struck from less than 150 yards of the green, featuring a steep trajectory and very little roll after the ball hits the ground. On the other hand, a flop shot is one that is employed in close proximity to the green, when the ball must be struck high yet not far, as when hitting over an obstacle. Meanwhile, a chip shot is used when a short, low trajectory is required.


Bunker Shot

As its name indicates this shot is used when it is desired to strike the ball out of a bunker or sand trap. If the need is to hit a bunker shot from a sand trap on a fairway, a regular iron is generally the club used, with the objective of making impact first with the ball. On the other hand, if you are playing from a bunker situated on the green-side, then the objective will be to hit a chip or flop shot where impact will be made first with the sand. As you enjoy the game of golf a choice of venue that you could consider would be one of the golf courses in Johor such as those of The Els Club Malaysia.



This golf shot is made, as you would expect, with the putter. The putt shot varies from other golf shots as its objective is to strike the ball so that it rolls along the ground and drops into the hole. Naturally to be a good golfer you must achieve consistency in putting so that you can hit the ball precisely so that it travels accurately into the hole. Although the technique of putting sounds simple when it is described, many amateur golfers find that becoming proficient at putting is amongst the most difficult facets of the game to master.

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