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Celebrations and Festivals in Maldives – Traditional Island Culture

The Maldivian archipelago is home to an ancient culture. Islam is the key religion in a country that's traditionally Muslim. Many of the holidays and festivals too revolve around the beloved faith.


The Ramadan Period

The Maldives is a Muslim nation that celebrates the festival of Ramadan in true spirit every year. Fasting is staunchly observed during the holy month which falls around August or September. Government offices close early during the fasting month of Ramadan while adults from across the nation whether in private offices, at schools or home follow the rules of fasting from just before dawn to sunset. Ramadan period in the Islamic calendar is considered the ninth month, fasting ends with a grand celebration after sighting of the new moon.


Festival of Eid

Ending Ramadan and the fasting period the festival of Eid begins by heralding in the new moon. This is the best time to experience Maldives culture, age-old traditions, and delicious local cuisine. Feats are held just about anywhere in homes, offices and any luxury resort Maldives is home to. Guests at any one of the many family friendly hotels similar to Kuramathi Maldives will love the organized festivities and food fiestas in celebration of Eid. This is one of the most glamorous events in the Maldives which by the way is reflected in the fine new garments you will see locals attired in. Eid is celebrated in the month of September and is probably one of the most important festivals in the Islam Calendar.


National Day of Maldives

Held during the third month in the Islamic calendar the Maldives National Day is celebrated in conjunction with the first day of Rabee ul Awwal, a time that marks the 3rd month of the Islamic calendar. This period falls around the months of February and March and is a time to witness many cultural parades and glittery festivals across the archipelago.


Independence Day

Celebrating the nation gaining independence from British Rule back in 1965, Independence Day is celebrated on the 26th of July. This is a good time to be on the islands and witness the many parades, festivals, food fiestas and cultural performances. You will see how proud the island nation is and how venerated the country's national heroes are, the perfect time to witness many traditional rituals in the form of dance and song. Independence Day is a national holiday and ideal for enjoying relaxed vibes across the nation.


The Prophets Birthday

The Prophets birthday is the best time to be in the Maldives and experience a whole bunch of religious and cultural events held across the islands. Celebrated on the 12th day of Rabee ul Awwal which marks the 3rd month in the Islamic calendar this event heralds worshipers from across the nation to attend prayers at mosques in various locations of the archipelago. Shops close early as traditional prayers and rituals are observed as a humble homage to the beloved prophet of Islam.