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Unique Experiences in Balapitiya - Fun activities to try if you dare

Located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Balapitiya is a fishing village that is active to date. Thus, there are many unique experiences for the tourist in these quarters.


Enjoy authentic Sri Lankan cuisine

There is nothing that speaks the language of a country like its food. Sri Lanka's staple food is rice and curry, but there are many flavours and spices that accompany each. The best way to enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan meal is to sit at the table with Sri Lankans and eat the way they do. This means you will be eating with your fingers, mixing curries with the rice to make small balls and then consuming them. You will also be able to enjoy fresh fish in Balapitiya, the taste of which is rather distinct from that of frozen fish.


Explore the Madu River

Madu River flows through Balapitiya to join the waiting embrace of the Indian Ocean. You can explore the river, its life, and its islands on a boat ride. There are kayak rides available as well if you want to take the experience a notch further. The ideal time for a cruise is towards the evening when the most severe hours of Sun is behind you.


Get an ayurvedic treatment

Being a close neighbour of India where Ayurveda was born, it is an art that is cherished in Sri Lanka. You can go seek an Ayurveda doctor or visit an Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka. You can opt for a treatment of an hour or two for relaxation of muscles, or a longer stays at a hotel like Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel where they offer Ayurveda packages complete with scrutinized meals. The Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka involves a lot of oil and massaging – a therapeutic experience if there ever was one.


Learn to drive a tuk-tuk

If you observe the roads in Sri Lanka for an hour, you would notice the colourful tuk-tuks, that embody the spirit of the island. If you happen to ride in one, you would realize that tuk-tuk drivers no know fear, and the ride is scarier than a rollercoaster. However, the relative tranquillity of Balapitya allows you to try your hand at this funky vehicle, and learn how to drive a tuk-tuk. You will not be able to drive on the roads, though, without a license, but it would be a fun and unique skill to have acquired during your island vacation.


Sightseeing on a scooter

This is ideal for a travelling duo, especially if you are a couple. Certain scooters in Sri Lanka do not require a license to ride. You can rent one of these from a friendly local in Balapitiya and spend an evening riding along the coastal line of the South. From little kids playing on the beach to motherly women who would offer you a drink of king coconut, this is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your travelling companion while getting know the scenery as well as the people of the country.

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