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Explore Coledale -Wonders of a hidden city

Coledale is a small village tucked away near the shore in New South Wales, Australia. It has all the markings of a sleepy village with natural beauty. Here are three ways to explore Coledale.


Swim in the Coledale rock pools

Walking on the Lawrence Hargrave Dr away from Emerald + Aqua Holiday Homes, you come across the Coledale rock pools. There are several pools here, some for adults and some for kids. The adult pool is wide enough for you to swim a few strokes and dive under water, while the shallower pools are perfect for kids. If you are looking to enjoy an evening of doing nothing, you can get into the wading pools with a book and read away. The view before you is nothing short of extraordinary. There is ample parking space, as well as small restaurants that serve perfect fish n chips if you are hungry.


Bushwalk to Sublime Point

As Coledale is within Wollongong, it is home to some beautiful view points and escarpments. Sublime Point is one such spectacular viewpoint. The walk to the point, though, could be tough on the untrained. Starting at the bottom near Foothills Road where a Coledale holiday house or two is located, the walk seems rather easy at first. The rainforest is low and provides plenty of shade, and the terrain is easy to navigate. Then you would come to the stairs which appear and disappear at irregular intervals. This is somewhat difficult as the constant climbing can take a toll on your physique. At the end of the stairs is a set of ladders. Although they may look rather dangerous, they are quite safe. It is quite thrilling to suddenly rise above the foliage. After a continuous climb near the rock face, you would arrive at the Sublime Point Lookout where there is a café, a picnic area, and a small shop. The total length of the trail is only 700m, though the incline is high.


Visit the Bulli Forager Market

No visit is complete unless you do two things: observe the local life and purchase some authentic items. Both these can be done at the Bulli Forager Market. It is a 13-minute drive from Coledale city centre and is located at the Bulli Race Track, which is famous on its own accord. The market is held on Sunday and is a sheltered one. This means that the market will do business as usual despite the weather. Unless you visit on second Sunday of the month, the products are mostly food-based. You can find some rare, homegrown fruits and vegetables here that do not make it to a supermarket. There are condiments like harissa paste, as well as action stations in the market. You can have a warm, steaming falafel while walking through the streets. On the second Sunday of the month is the "Makers Market", where trinkets and souvenirs can be purchased. They, too, are hand-made, thus making each item unique in nature.

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