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Updated by Dave Nicklin on Feb 13, 2017
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6 Ways Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) is Better for Business

Returnable transit packaging is a heavy-duty, multi-use packaging which can include rental, transport, management and maintenance services. There are a number of reasons why more businesses are adopting returnable transit packaging solutions in 2017:


The rising cost of wooden pallets

A report published by the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) in January 2017, has anticipated the rising costs of raw materials including wood and nails. According to the confederation, these price increases over the past several months are expected to raise the costs of pallets and packaging. As well as UK timber, the costs of imported timber will see a rise. With the Brexit vote lowering the strength of the pound, UK packaging manufacturers and suppliers sourcing overseas may be impacted. That’s why returnable transit packaging may become a more cost-effective way for UK businesses to transport goods.


Returnable packaging offers a better return on investment

Renting returnable transit packaging, instead of using single-trip disposable packaging, can be much more cost-effective for businesses in the long term. Multi-use pallets are designed to last longer for multiple trips, which over time signals a cheaper cost per-trip rate and a better return on investment. In addition, you won’t have the large overheads of purchasing the packaging yourself, but you’ll still receive a full service with washing and transport, which will free up cash flow.


Reusable wooden pallets are a more sustainable transit packaging solution

Thousands of tonnes of transit packaging are disposed of every year in the UK. As consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of products and the packaging lifecycle, more businesses are turning to sustainable returnable transit packaging. Reusable pallets made from sustainable wood can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and lower costs associated with disposal.


Returnable timber pallets offer durable protection

Because returnable transit packaging needs to be used on a recurring basis, it is designed to be more durable and protective, potentially reducing the level of damaged goods. For goods requiring high protection and levels of hygiene, such as fresh goods, the reusable packaging can be washed and returned efficiently.


Returnable transit packaging saves you space

Returnable transit packaging can in many cases be easily stacked up or collapsible. This optimises space for storage and transport which can save you money. Because pallets can be stacked you may also be able to package more goods in one trip, making for fewer journeys, reduced costs and a lowered environmental impact.


Get a bespoke returnable transit packaging solution for your business

Nicklin is a UK leading supplier for sustainable wooden transit packaging solutions and offer flexible, bespoke returnable transit packaging. Whether your business needs a small or large quantity of timber pallets, for a short or long period, they provide a tailored service according to your seasonal needs. For more information or to get a quote, you can visit the Nicklin website or call (0) 121 359 8101.

  • Trading since 1913, we are one of the UK's longest established and most experienced providers of bespoke timber and corrugated transit packaging products and services. Our product range includes; bespoke pallets, timber cases, timber crates, plywood cases, corrugated cases and timber components.

    Our aim is to supply each of our customers with the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible transit packaging solution available for their application. Ensuring that they obtain real tangible value from their transit packaging budget whilst offering complete protection and facilitating safe handling of their products throughout the entire logistics and storage process.

    We supply transit packaging products and services to clients operating across a diverse range of industries and sectors, from large multinational organisations to local SMEs. Our aim is to create partnerships with each of our customers. Taking time to gain a thorough understanding of their products, processes and operations is fundamental to our approach and in turn gives us complete insight into their operation and deliver the optimum transit packaging solution for their requirements.

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