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Health Checkup Packages Online - Offers/Deals At 3H Care

Health checkup packages are becoming increasingly popular these days. Severe diseases are catching children, youngsters and seniors. Our children are not safe because of air, water and sound pollution. Here is an article how air pollution can badly effect children's IQ. Another one on how air pollution effects our heart and lungs

Alarming Situation - Your Lung and Cardio Vascular System Get Dumped due to Air Pollution Just After Being on a Busy ...

Air pollution can destroy your lungs, liver, cardiovascular system. Pollution levels in Indian metro cities are at all time high. Use safety measures in and out of home.

Why Air Pollution Significantly Reduces Children’s IQ?

Air pollution is a serious problem which generally people ignore at the risk of their economy and health. A new study revealed that exposure to air pollution decreases the IQ levels and the ability to access and learn information in teens and children. The researchers also noted below-average IQ scores among children and teens living in urban area where the levels of pollution are at exceptionally high.


Type of Health Checkup Packages

There are various types of health packages available in the market. Reputed labs and hospitals have created custom packages based on the age and gender. These institutions have also created health checkup packages for corporate.
Corporate health packages depend on the profile of people working with a company. This is because there are different health checkup requirements for different job profiles. For a person working in a apparel store, health profile needed is completely different from a person working on a computer.

Same way packages are different for males and females that need pre marital health checkup.
Kids checkup packages are also there to keep a close eye on child's overall development and health profile.
Checkups for seniors are made to keep a close eye on health profile of seniors. Most of the times our seniors don;t show any symptoms of any disease hence after a certain age, they need regular checkups (more frequently than youngsters)
There are many more depending on what is needed to check..

3H Care - Health Checkup Package Offers/Deals In Delhi

3H Care Offers whole body health checkup packages, basic health checkup packages, wellness profile packages and more at highly discounted price. These packag...


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Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India

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Preventive Health Checkup Packages

Most popular of these health checkup packages is Preventive Health Checkup Packages. Preventive health checkups are important because they give an overall picture of health profile as well as any issues that might be arising in the body of patient.
3H Care offers discounts on preventive health checkup

Why health packages are becoming popular & why are they so important?

Health checkup packages are becoming very popular. One of the main reasons behind their popularity Is health consciousness. Changes in lifestyle, environment, eating habits, long

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