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Facebook changes 2012

Keeping track of recent Facebook changes for a blog post: The Changing Face of Facebook: 37 Facebook Changes You May Have Missed

I found 37 major changes for Facebook in the first half of 2012 - please add any I forgot and vote for the most important change!

Facebook Timeline for Pages - flyover | Tweet4Ok

Blog post at Tweet4Ok : On February 29th 2012 Facebook announced Timeline for Pages
These changes become standard on March 30th but you can get it now!
In my opin[..]

Timeline: Now Available Worldwide | Facebook

UPDATE on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012: 
Last year we introduced timeline, a new kind of profile that lets you highlight the photos, posts and life events that help you tell your story. Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline....

Facebook Adds Icon Next To User Names In Chat, With Link To That User’s Timeline - AllFacebook

Facebook added another feature to its desktop chat function: an icon next to a user’s name that provides a link to their timeline when hovered over.

Facebook ads "Voice" button

Facebook added an easier way for page administrators to toggle between posting under their actual names or posting as the page.

Facebook Makes It Easier For Pages To Change Username - AllFacebook

Facebook announced Wednesday that it is making it easier to change the username of a Facebook page. Before, page administrators would have to submit a request to change the username, but not anymore.

Facebook changes default email of all users without asking

Yesterday, Facebook made a subtle switch to users' contact information: swapping out whatever email address they had listed in favor of a Facebook email account. While reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, the company hasn't exactly backed down, saying that these changes were announced in April.

You Can Now Share Instagram Photos On Facebook Automatically - AllFacebook

Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook, will start integrating social sharing options into the application. Now, Instagram users can choose to automatically have their photos post to their Facebook timelines.

Facebook Users Can Export Events To Calendar; Event Pages Get New Gear Menu - AllFacebook

The events function on Facebook continues to undergo tweaks, with the addition of the ability to export the event to users’ calendars, as well as the addition of a gear menu with additional options.

Facebook Users Can Edit Past Comments - AllFacebook

Facebook users now have (or will soon) the ability to edit their comments at any time, rather than the grace period of a few seconds the social network previously allowed. However, in order to prevent instances of revisionist history (“I never said that!”), Facebook will indicate when comments have been edited, and clicking on the edited link will bring up an edit history.

Facebook Adds Emoticons To Desktop Chat - AllFacebook

They cannot be killed. They only come back stronger. Zombies? No: Emoticons, which Facebook added to its chat feature for desktop users.

Facebook Timeline Users See More Information When Hovering Over User, Page Names - AllFacebook

Facebook added a new feature, available to users who have upgraded (or been upgraded) to timeline: When users hover over the names of other users or pages in their news feeds, a small image appears, displaying information from the target’s timeline.

Facebook Deepens WordPress Integration With New Plugin - AllFacebook

Users of blogging platform WordPress can now take advantage of greater integration with Facebook following the social network’s release of a plugin that enables features such as social publishing and mentions.

Facebook Increases Type Size In News Feed - AllFacebook

Facebook slightly increased the type size for user names and text in wall posts in the news feed, making them a little easier to read for most people, except one developer, apparently.

Facebook Offers Users More Notifications Controls - AllFacebook

Facebook continues to tinker with how users can control their notifications settings, with the notifications section under account settings now offering a host of options.

Facebook-Twitter Integration Quietly Upgraded - AllFacebook

Twitter integration enhancements with Facebook occurred late last month in a rather hush-hush manner, and the silently rolled-out changes are intended to improve how Twitter pages, photos, hash tags, and user names cross-pollinate on Facebook.

Facebook Officially Launches App Center - AllFacebook

The leak is now a launch, as Facebook began rolling out its app center to users in the U.S. Thursday night, saying that it will be available to all users “in the coming weeks.”

Facebook Changing News Feed Photo Display - AllFacebook

Facebook began importing some of the changes it made to its mobile photo layout last month onto its Web news feed, increasing the size of photos and displaying more of them from the same album or event.

Facebook Launches Promoted Posts For Pages - AllFacebook

Facebook pages with more than 400 likes now have another advertising option in the form of the promote button the social network announced in test form in late April, as its rollout was confirmed on the Facebook Marketing page Wednesday.

Facebook Adds Post Scheduling For Pages - AllFacebook

Facebook added a feature for page administrators that had been available via third-party tools such as Buffer, allowing them to schedule posts in advance.

Facebook Adds Five Levels Of Page Administrators - AllFacebook

Facebook organized page administrators into five levels, following up on its announcement at the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York Feb. 29.

Facebook Adds Option Of Liking Brand Pages Directly From Posts - AllFacebook

Some Facebook users are seeing the option of liking a brand page directly from a post due to the addition of a new like button near the top, next to the name of the page.

Facebook Gives Users More Control Over Notifications - AllFacebook

Facebook has been trying to pin down the best way to handle notifications for months and months, and its latest attempt to help users control incoming notifications is the addition of an instant option to turn them off for specific applications, groups, events, or posts.

Facebook Updates Mobile Photo Layout - AllFacebook

Facebook began rolling out an improved layout for posts with photos across all of its mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Android, and its mobile website).

Facebook Adds File Sharing For Groups - AllFacebook

Fewer than one-half of Facebook’s 900 million-plus monthly average users take advantage of its groups functionality, and many say it is the most underused feature. But this may soon change, and we may see a spike in groups users.

Facebook Pushes Use Of Close Friends, Acquaintances Lists - AllFacebook

Facebook has begun pushing its users to take advantage of the smart friend list features it introduced last September.