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All Things Cloud

Cloud Computing and Hosting Industry Review

Overstock Issues Blockchain-based Stock - Don Corp Writers

Trading of Overstock shares on the tØ blockchain platform began on December 16 and attracted very little attention, Coindesk reported. Only a few people visited the site during its first day of operation.

Calculating the TCO of moving SAP workloads to cloud

It can be hard to justify the total cost of ownership (TCO) of moving SAP workloads up front when you don’t have a clear understanding the benefits.

Ransomware for Sale - Geek Crunch Reviews

Ransomware is a far greater threat to your systems than ever before because of a disturbing new trend. Outlaw ransomware designers are now peddling their “services” to any criminal willing to disseminate their products online.

The ABCD of Cloud Computing - TD Web Services

You will not be able to have a conversation about IT in today’s world without cloud computing being mentioned at least once. But this term isn’t as simple as you may imagine. There are a lot of issues, solutions, architectures, and types for you to digest. We could all benefit from a brief explanation of the cloud so that non-experts will know just what it is.

Small Doses of Cloud Computing is Stellar for the Healthcare Industry - TD Web Services

Even though there are some real concerns about HIPAA rules and data, the cloud still looks like it will have a major role to play when it comes to healthcare. But a lot of this is most likely to stay with private clouds or on-premises. Very little reliance will be put on the public cloud.

Cloud Computing Prediction for the New Year - Empresa-Journal

The Internet of Things is one of the main forces which are going to drive the cloud in the coming years in your careers, workplaces, and organizations. It will even work the other way with the cloud helping the IoT move forward.

Seattle's Economy gets a Boost with Cloud Computing - Empresa-Journal

The state economy of western Washington has been driven for a long time by companies which build complex systems from cellular network to airplanes.

Cloud Servers-The Main Benefits of Using Cloud Servers - Don Corp Writers

Essentially, cloud servers mean virtual servers which keep running on distributed computing environment. That is the reason frequently Cloud Servers are alluded to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). While beyond any doubt each cloud server can be known as a virtual devoted server, the inverse is not generally genuine. This is on account of a virtual devoted server can be set just on a solitary equipment server and along these lines experience the ill effects of a solitary purpose of disappointment when any of its equipment fails. Cloud servers keep running as programming units. This implies a cloud server has all the product it requires to run and does not rely on upon any halfway introduced programming.

What's next for containers and standardization? - Cloud computing news

Learn more about the future of containers for developers. See what the Open Container Initiative (OCI) offers for open standards and specifications.

4 top reasons businesses adopt hybrid cloud - Cloud computing news

The latest IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study, “Tailoring hybrid cloud,” confirms that organizations are increasingly turning to hybrid clouds.


TDWS Cloud Servers - Infographics

TDWS Cloud Servers - Infographics

TDWS Cloud Servers offer similar capabilities as dedicated servers albeit elastic in a way. TDWS Cloud Servers, unlike physical servers, can be re-sized and scaled up or down at any time. In addition they offer enhanced resilience against downtime. These reasons and many more, have made TDWS Cloud Servers a favorite of enterprises as well as developers.


VPS Hosting Infogrpahics

VPS Hosting Infogrpahics

TDWS VPS is designed and built with only performance and cost efficiency in mind, it’s super fast, the most reliable in it’s class, and it’s the ultimate solution that brings most bang-for-buck. We at TD Web Services strive to deliver the superior product.