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Latest Trends in Economy and My Option about the same

Basic Income, a Big Idea to Watch - Empresa-Journal

There is a big idea that might lead to a paradigm shift in governance and the economy in many nations. The idea is basic income; and it is about to burst into the political mainstream, because of the French Presidential Election.

Is a Confrontation between Trump and China Inevitable? - Empresa-Journal

President Donald J. Trump intends to change the relationship between the United States and China. Will it lead to a conflict, or an arms race, or a new world order that actually benefits the People’s Republic?

Is It Safe To Invest In Gold In 2017? - Geek Crunch Reviews

Aside from real estate, stocks, shares and savings and investment accounts, gold has always been a safe and popular option for investment. As a matter of fact, gold is a safer investment option as compared to all other substitutes since it is a universal commodity. Even though the rates are subject to fluctuation, the overall price curves are generally positive and show an upward trend. This is why investing in gold is recommended as an intelligent idea, especially when the gold market is stagnant and the prices are hovering in the lower brackets. When the market experiences a shock, gold prices shoot up across the globe, resulting in the exponential increase in the value of the investment.

European Central Bank to Trump: ‘We Are Not Currency Manipulators’ - Don Corp Writers

The European Central Bank rejected U.S. accusations of currency manipulation on Monday and warned that deregulating the banking industry, now being openly discussed in Washington, could sow the seeds of the next financial crisis.

Will Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Enable China to Dominate Global Trade? - Don Corp Writers

The world turned upside-down last week when, within just seven days, the United States and China each reversed a posture they held for the past 70 years. In his inaugural address, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his newest slogan, “America First,” which effectively withdraws the nation from its global leadership role. Meanwhile, China is stepping up as the new leader of world economic order as President Xi Jinping accelerates China’s efforts to do business with the world, albeit one where it writes the rules to its own benefit. The consequences of these sudden changes will be profound and far-reaching with uncertain outcomes.

What would the Effects of a Weakened Dollar Be? - Geek Crunch Reviews

Incoming U.S. President Donald J. Trump has made the statement that the U.S. dollar is too strong. Some observers think that indicates Donald wants to weaken the dollar in an attempt to increase U.S. trade and stimulate economic activity.

President Trump might boost Bitcoin Prices - Geek Crunch Reviews

So yes folks despite its recent price bitcoin can be considered a value investment. More interestingly, its next big booster might be one Donald J. Trump.

Winklevoss Twins Readying Bitcoin ETF - Geek Crunch Reviews

Those legendary social media pioneers the Winklevoss twins are out to disrupt the world of investing with a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Is Bitcoin Trading about to Begin on the World’s Largest Futures Exchange? - Geek Crunch Reviews

The operator of the world’s largest futures and derivative exchanges; CME Group Inc., is taking steps to begin Bitcoin trading.

China tests missile with 10 nuclear warheads: Reports - Don Corp Writers

China has reportedly tested a new version of a missile that can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads, signalling a major shift in its nuclear capability as Beijing gears up for a possible military showdown with the US under Donald Trump Presidency. The flight test of the DF-5C missile was carried out last month using 10 multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, the Washington Free Beacon reported. The test of the inert warheads was monitored closely by US intelligence agencies, said two officials familiar with reports of the missile test.

Is the United States Facing a Fiscal Crisis? - Empresa-Journal

The United States is facing a “fiscal bloodbath” that will lead to a major economic crisis. That’s the prognosis of a well-known American fiscal policy expert, David Stockman who directed the Office of Management and Budget for President Ronald Reagan.

How Trump might trigger a Bond Market Meltdown - Empresa-Journal

The bond market is on far shakier ground than many investors realize. There is strong evidence that action; or inaction, on the part of President Donald J. Trump might trigger a bond meltdown.

Demise of Winklevoss ETF might be Boosting Bitcoin - Geek Crunch Reviews

Strangely enough the denial of the Winklevoss twins’ exchange traded fund (EFT) might end up boosting the prices of bitcoin and etherum.

Some Surprising Middle Class Jobs Threatened by Technological Unemployment - Geek Crunch Reviews

Here is a list of some rather surprising jobs that are threatened by technological unemployment to give an idea of the magnitude of the problem. Disturbingly many good middle and upper middle class jobs on the list:


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Aramco IPO might be overvalued by $1.6 Trillion - Empresa-Journal

The Aramco initial public offering might be worth less than quarter of Saudi Arabia’s valuation. Saudi projections have placed Aramco’s potential value at $2 trillion, but analysts at Wood McKenzie Ltd. came up with a very different estimate; $400 billion.