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Education Storage Hacks to Keep your School Tidy

Whether it’s the end of term and you’re in the mood for an audit, or the financial year end is looming and you need to plan your budget for the coming twelve months, storage will probably be on your list. For organisations such as schools, colleges and universities, maintaining tidiness and order is key to creating an effective learning environment. To help you create and uphold this sense of order, here are our 5 education storage hacks:


Provide secure storage

Provide secure storage

This is really important for students who will have personal items to keep safe during the school day. Whatever your organisation’s policy on mobile phones or personal belongings, having somewhere secure such as lockers, to store items is reassuring to both students and parents.


Be flexible with your storage choices

Whilst it is tempting to think of storage systems as static, the truth is that a wide variety of organisations nowadays make use of mobile storage. Mobile shelving systems move along a track fitted to the floor, to allow for the storage of more items as you only need to have one section open at a time to access. If the items you are storing are important, expensive or of a sensitive nature, such as student records or exam papers, then timed access control and PIN access for authorised users can usually be added to your storage system.


Get creative

Get creative

It isn’t just in the art rooms that your ideas need to be creative. When applying storage to your educational establishment you may need to be innovative to make the most of your available space. Sports equipment is often a particular challenge, however, if you maximise the height of your rooms and use shelving systems that are height adjustable and allow you to store items on shelves, in boxes or on hangers, then you will have a storage solution that meets your needs now and in the future.


Scale down storage systems for the classroom

Tray storage systems that are widely used in museums to store artefacts can be implemented with great efficiency in the classroom. By taking these larger systems and scaling them down for use within individual rooms, teachers can store worksheets, homework and exercise books neatly and so they are easy to access.


Make the most of your free space

Make the most of your free space

It goes without saying that once you have implemented more effective storage systems you will have some free space, so the question is what to do with it? Breakout areas will be popular with students, but teachers may find a larger staff room more appealing – that decision is up to you!

For more innovative ideas please read this 5 must-have school and education storage solutions blog or call the Rackline team on 01782 770 144 to discuss your bespoke storage requirements.

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